June 6, 2013: Get to know the gorillas at Como Zoo

  • Article by: Jeff Strickler
  • Star Tribune
  • June 6, 2013 - 2:11 PM

Meet the residents of Gorilla Forest:

Weight: 525 pounds. Age: 27. Birthplace: San Diego.
Although Schroeder tends to look as if he’s scowling, the trainers call him the Gentle Giant. He’s been living at the zoo for 22 years. His favorite spot is the top of the hill in the family exhibit, where he can keep watch over everything.

Weight: 205 pounds. Age: 9. Birthplace: Miami.
Alice developed a quick crush on Schroeder. Her way of interacting is very forward, so she often tries to get his attention by throwing things at him. If that fails, she slaps him on the head.


Weight: 168 pounds. Age: 8. Birthplace: Toledo.
Trainers have dubbed Dara a “princess” because she was the daughter of a dominant female and seems to have picked up her mother’s sense of entitlement. Like royalty, she can be a bit standoffish.


Nne (pronounced Eenie)
Weight: 175 pounds. Age: 25. Birthplace: Cincinnati.
Because she was hand-raised, Nne is very relaxed around humans. She also likes to keep an eye on visitors. If there’s a gorilla standing right by the fence looking at you, it’s probably Nne.


Weight: 450 pounds. Age: 14. Birthplace: Oklahoma City.
Although the “bachelors” have not yet established a dominant member, Virgil is a very likely candidate. He’s the largest of the three younger male gorillas, and the others tend to get out of his way.


Weight: 390 pounds. Age: 14. Birthplace: Oklahoma City.
The scar visible on one side of Samson’s face shows that he clearly is not afraid to stand up for himself. Despite his size disadvantage, he’s not ready to concede the dominant role to Virgil.

Weight: 380 pounds. Age: 14. Birthplace: Oklahoma City.
Jabir appears content to let Virgil and Samson squabble over who’s the boss, but he’s not above stirring the pot a bit. He’s been known to instigate fights between the two of them and then run off to watch from a distance.


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