The Weaker Sex

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  • May 17, 2013 - 12:21 PM

 It's their term, not mine. Behold:



You may wonder why this particular piece of 1930s cheesecake is being posted on a newspaper blog. Simple: it's a promotion aimed at people who want to advertise in the Star. . Let's take a look inside:



That's right: women read the sports pages because they know the jocks or newspaper writers. What other type of lady reads the paper?



 . . . which is manifested by eating potato chips while on the phone, I guess. Or is she biting on a handkerchief while waiting for the good news?




That about covers it. Or does it? Nay. Stylish, serious women who gamble and drink and discuss the issues of the day over cigarettes and cottage cheese read the paper too:



What type of stores interests them? TROUBLES SOCIAL BABY NAUGHTY



The booklet notes that the Star does not accept liquor ads, so you're getting a clean crowd when you advertise. 

Included in the book was a letter to salesmen touting the new color Sunday section. It contained a button you could wear to drum up interest - can you recognize the character?




Yes: the Spirit. This made me remember something I'd taken from the microfilm records many years ago: a promotional cartoon done by a staff member to tout the Spirit's adventures.




Someone who saw the original post many years ago showed the pictures to Will Eisner, the brilliant artist who drew the Spirit. He laughed. 

Probably kicked himself for not coming up with that piano, though. What a sidekick!

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