Great Scott outings

  • May 8, 2013 - 3:06 PM

Great Scott outings

The newest film version of “The Great Gatsby,” which opens Friday, is sure to introduce the title character and his creator, F. Scott Fitzgerald, to a whole new audience. Other ways to encounter Fitzgerald and his work:

• A new musical-theater adaptation of Fitzgerald’s “This Side of Paradise” runs through May 19 at the History Theatre (651-292-4323,

• The James J. Hill House will host a walking tour of Fitzgerald’s old neighborhood Sept. 21-22 to mark his birthday. ($8-$12; call 651-297-2555 to reserve). An exhibit there includes a school book in which he scribbled notes.

• Do your own walking tour, with a map prepared by the Friends of the St. Paul Public Library (

Bill Ward

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