Dobby Gibson and William Waltz read tonight

  • Blog Post by: Laurie Hertzel
  • March 21, 2013 - 11:28 AM


This month's Espresso Yrself poster, designed by local artist Kelsey King.

This month's Espresso Yrself poster, designed by local artist Kelsey King.


 It's been said, and not just by me, that a person could attend a reading every night in the Twin Cities and still not get to them all. This is a wonderful thing, not a complaint, even though sometimes it's awfully frustrating to have to choose between, say, Cheryl Strayed and Atina Diffley, as we did this week, or between Will Alexander and Patricia Kirkpatrick.

And yet even more reading series are starting to pop up, and that can only be a good thing. We've already told you about Cracked Walnut, and the month-long daily series it is currently hosting. And tonight is the second reading in the Espresso Yrself series, which opened in February with four writers and some musicians over at Angry Catfish, which drew a crowd of about 50 people, and which continues tonight with poets Dobby Gibson and William Waltz, this time at Dunn Brothers in the North Loop.

Gibson's latest book, "It Becomes You," was published in January by Graywolf Press. Waltz is the editor of Conduit Magazine, and his latest book, "Adventures in the Lost Interiors of America," was published this month by the Cleveland State University Poetry Center.

So why the new reading series? Why does Espresso Yrself exist, and what does it mean?

Its co-curators are Katrina Wollet and Patrick Stephenson, who both work in advertising. Stephenson was also an intern at Graywolf Press. (The Graywolf connection is always there, somewhere.)

"What separates Espresso Yrself from other reading series is its accessibility," the pair wrote me in an e-mail. "We want everyone to listen, regardess of their connection to writing. By hosting the events in various coffee houses, we promote our events as a fun, low-key opportunity to change your perspective, push your boundaries and get caffeinated."

Tonight's reading begins at 7 p.m. at Dunn Brothers, Washington Avenue and Third Avenue North. (Right across the street from Graywolf! Of course!)

I'm not even going to tell you what other readings are scheduled for the same time. Not even gonna mention the name of Cracked Walnut. Uh uh.


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