China, U.S. offer new nuclear sanctions

  • Article by: colum lynch
  • Washington Post
  • March 5, 2013 - 11:46 PM

– Backed by China, the United States introduced a U.N. resolution Tuesday that would impose fresh financial and diplomatic sanctions on North Korea and tighten measures aimed at preventing Pyongyang from importing or exporting technology for its nuclear or ballistic missile programs.

The United States proposed the sanctions in a draft resolution three weeks after North Korea conducted its third, and most advanced, nuclear test.

China’s public support for the move underscored its displeasure with its unpredictable neighbor, which has repeatedly dismissed Beijing’s appeals to halt its nuclear tests. But at China’s insistence, the sanctions were crafted to not hinder its legal trade.

U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice circulated the draft to the Security Council’s 15 members, ending weeks of closely guarded negotiations with China’s U.N. envoy, Li Baodong.

She said the new resolution reinforces existing financial sanctions, targets “illicit activities” of North Korean diplomats and banks, and expands travel restrictions on individuals associated with North Korea’s forbidden programs.

The resolution would also add three suspected North Korean arms traffickers and two North Korean companies allegedly involved in the ballistic missile or nuclear program. It would increase pressure on countries to search suspected ships for illegal cargo and strengthen a ban on the import of luxuries by North Korea.

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