A new season of “The Borgias” begins in April.


TV Q&A : 'Law & Order: UK' is back in the U.K.

  • Article by: ROB OWEN
  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  • March 3, 2013 - 6:41 PM

Q: We are fans of “Law & Order: UK” (on BBC America, I believe). Has this been renewed? Will we be able to view it in the United States?

A: British TV works differently from American TV. On American TV, programs air fairly consistently year-to-year. On British TV, that’s not always the case. “Law & Order: UK” has been out of production for several years, which might lead one to conclude that it’s done and over. But not so fast.

“I have hot news,” said former “L&O: UK” star Jamie Bamber last month at a news conference for his new TNT series “Monday Mornings.” “ ‘Law & Order: UK’ is actually about to come back after a very, very long hiatus, with a few cast changes. The great and good of British theater and TV have wrestled together and came up with a new cast.”

Whether those new episodes will air in the United States on BBC America remains to be seen.

Not so wild about ‘Harry’

Q: Can you tell me if “Harry’s Law” will be renewed this year, and if not, why not?

A: Although it earned an Emmy nomination for star Kathy Bates, David E. Kelley’s legal dramedy was canceled last May. It won’t be back.

Irons back in the fire

Q: I just love “The Borgias” and think it is so well done. However, it is never mentioned for awards and seems to be never talked about. Jeremy Irons is so excellent and yet I have never seen him interviewed. Does someone in power have a grudge against the producers of this show, and is “Borgias” returning this year?

A: Yes, “The Borgias” will be back April 14 on Showtime.

As to why the show doesn’t get the acclaim some think it deserves, while it certainly has a following, I don’t think the reviews have been as positive as those for “The Tudors,” and that show didn’t get a ton of awards, either. The reality is, there are so many good shows on TV today that there are simply not enough awards to go around.


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