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Letter of the Day (March 1): The Twin Cities and innovation

  • February 28, 2013 - 6:10 PM

In the Feb. 26 Business section, the Star Tribune published a list of the average number of annual patents issued in U.S. cities. While Minneapolis-St. Paul was ninth out of 10 in this list, on a per capita basis using metropolitan statistical area (MSA) population, we ranked fifth. In other words, we punch above our weight in terms of innovation.

As we ponder the future, a few things to consider: Shall we continue to fund and encourage area universities and colleges, especially the University of Minnesota? Shall we continue to tax the medical-device industry to pay for the expansion of medical care? Shall we lessen the regulations, laws and taxes on businesses, especially for startups? Shall we encourage more immigrants to enter and remain in this country, but especially those with entrepreneurial aspirations who want to be in Minnesota? Last, how do we make the Twin Cities a vibrant and welcoming area to young adults and those with families, since our major competition happens to be cities in California and Washington state where the climate is certainly more inviting five months of the year?

Our economic well-being, future employment opportunities and the quality of our daily lives will depend upon the answers to these questions.

Russ Kaegebein, Plymouth

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