TFD: We had a rejected Vikings logo hashtag contest and Twins pitcher Glen Perkins won

  • Blog Post by: Michael Rand
  • February 14, 2013 - 5:27 PM


You might have heard already that the Vikings revamped their classic Norseman logo today. The differences are subtle, to be sure (the new one is on the right, with some more defined lines, a shorter/wider braid and a "vote no" sticker on the other side of its face (not pictured, but we're sure Kluwe did it).


We joked about it, as others did, but overall it probably does look a little better. So good job.

In the process, however, we had a Twitter hashtag contest for the best #rejectednewvikingslogo (some people also used #rejectedvikingslogo).

The one that appears to have been retweeted the most and generally enjoyed the most came from Twins pitcher, Twitter enthusiast and overall media good guy Glen Perkins.

You can make pitchers and catchers report to Florida, but you can't make them stop using social media in the middle of the afternoon.

Congratulations, Glen. Your prizes are unlimited tweets for the rest of 2013 and a scalp massage from Joe Mauer*.

*Subject to availability.

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