Snowstorm cuts power to almost 650,000

  • Associated Press
  • February 9, 2013 - 9:36 PM

BOSTON - The snowstorm that swept across the Northeast knocked out power to almost 650,000 homes and businesses.

Wet, heavy snow and high winds snapped power lines.

Crews whittled down the outage totals to about 475,000 by late Saturday night.

Massachusetts was hardest hit, with more than 400,000 in the dark. That number was down to about 308,000 hours later. Outages in Rhode Island fell to 129,000 from a peak of about 180,000. Utilities in both states warned that it could be days before service is restored.

Connecticut's largest utility chiseled totals down to 31,000 from 38,000. And outages in New York were cut in half from a peak of nearly 12,000. Lights came back for most of the more than 15,000 in Maine and New Hampshire who had lost power.

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