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  • January 30, 2013 - 8:49 PM


Ex-coach Sandusky loses bid for a new trial

A judge denied requests by Jerry Sandusky, the ex-Penn State assistant football coach, to toss his conviction for child sexual abuse or alter his sentence. Sandusky, 69, sentenced to at least 30 years in prison, had argued that he had insufficient time to prepare a defense and that prosecutors failed to produce enough evidence to support claims against him.


Sen. Menendez: Donor reimbursed for trips

Sen. Robert Menendez's office said he had reimbursed a Florida political donor $58,500 for the full cost of two of three trips Menendez, D-N.J., took on the donor's plane to the Dominican Republic in 2010. Details of Menendez's trips emerged as his office said allegations that the senator engaged in sex with prostitutes in the Dominican Republic were false.


Ex-governor released from federal prison

Former Gov. George Ryan was back at his longtime home following his release from a federal prison after serving more than five years for corruption. He first reported to a halfway house in Chicago, but in a development that took observers by surprise, Ryan, 78, was allowed to go to his spacious home in Kankakee, where he'll be under confinement.


Rocket sent into space after North's success

South Korea launched a satellite from its own soil for the first time amid increased tensions after archrival North Korea accomplished a similar feat. The launch was the culmination of years of efforts by South Korea to advance its space program and cement its standing as a technology powerhouse.


American activist freed after nine months

Authorities released and deported an American pro-democracy activist, a move that contrasts with the long prison terms given to Vietnamese activists who are members of the same U.S.-based dissident group. The release of Nguyen Quoc Quan came after U.S. pressure and removed a thorn in relations between the former enemies. Quan was arrested in Ho Chi Minh City in April after arriving on a flight from the United States, where he has lived since fleeing Vietnam as a young man. Quan, 59, is a leading member of Viet Tan, a nonviolent pro-democracy group that Vietnamese authorities have labeled a terrorist organization.


French troops control airport in major city

French forces assumed command of the airport in Kidal, the last major city outside control of the Malian government, a French spokesman said. Tuareg rebels said they control Kidal after driving out Islamist militants on Monday and are prepared to help France secure the city. The Tuaregs allied with Islamist militants last year to take control of northern Mali before the Islamists gained dominance. NEWS SERVICES

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