GOP senators will oppose Va electoral change

  • Article by: BOB LEWIS
  • Associated Press
  • January 25, 2013 - 12:05 PM

RICHMOND, Va. - A Republican-backed bill to convert Virginia's winner-take-all method of apportioning presidential electors to one that awards electors one-by-one by congressional districts is likely doomed for the year.

At least two GOP state senators say they oppose the bill. That would leave it short of the majority it needs in a Virginia Senate where Democrats and Republicans hold 20 seats apiece.

Virginia's General Assembly is the first of several Republican-ruled legislatures from Wisconsin to Pennsylvania — states President Barack Obama won last fall — to address such legislation. Democrats denounce it as a Republican election-rigging scheme.

Republican Sen. Jill Vogel said she'd oppose the measure in a Senate committee Tuesday and on the floor should it get that far. GOP Sen. Ralph Smith of Roanoke also will oppose it.

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