Beyoncé sang — or not — the national anthem during Monday’s inaugural festivities for President Obama.

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C.J.: Beyoncé didn't sing? She isn't talking, either

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  • January 24, 2013 - 8:19 AM

One of Beyoncé's biggest Minnesota fans is disappointed by reports that the "Irreplaceable" singer substituted a recorded track and lip-synched the national anthem at the second inauguration of President Obama.

"I'm hurt. If that's true, it's awful," said singer Kiana Marie, whose Twitter identity is "The SongStress." Her next show is Feb. 8 at Arnellia's in St. Paul.

Kiana enjoyed her two whole seconds of fame in BET's "Access Granted: Above and Beyoncé," which featured people from around the world who submitted videos of themselves dancing to "Single Ladies" in 2009. Her devotion to Beyoncé skyrocketed when the video was played when Bey was at Target Center.

Knowing how Kiana thinks Beyoncé hung the moon, I was surprised the hear these words:

"Singing for the president at his inaugural is the most important appearance, in terms of historic significance, she'll make and to think that she didn't sing and was lip-synching -- I'm disappointed. She can sing, and she sings live wonderfully all the time. I didn't get it. I think she was practicing for the Super Bowl and didn't have time, but that's no excuse."

I think it's shameful of Beyoncé to have done a Britney Spears impersonation on this day. "Everyone else was live," noted Kiana, referencing the performances by Kelly Clarkson and James Taylor. Both wore coats during their times at the mike, while Bey was feeling so toasty warm she removed hers before "singing."

(Yo-Yo Ma's playing from a recorded track at the 2009 inauguration is irrelevant. He was concerned his strings would snap in the cold.)

While Beyoncé has probably already explained herself or sent an apology bouquet to her close friends at the White House, it's even more disgraceful that she is avoiding public comment on this subject -- apparently hiding under the same shroud of silence used during a previous egregious (or should that be greedy?) PR gaffe: accepting millions from the family of the late dictator Moammar Gadhafi for a New Year's Eve performance. And it's a little silly that the government is treating Lip Gate like a matter of national security, as members of the U.S. Marine Band, who reportedly also pantomimed on their instruments, have suddenly become too aurally incompetent to assess whether Beyoncé was live or pre-recorded.

An American public so enamored of the authenticity of Barack and Michelle Obama shouldn't have been subjected to Beyoncé's (alleged) Inauguration Day fakery, complete with dramatic ear piece removal. If there was lip-synching, that's a bit of stagecraft Beyoncé will never live down.

All those people ...

Julianne Hough didn't get to her Steele Fitness workout Tuesday while in the metro to promote the movie "Safe Haven," with co-star Josh Duhamel and author Nicholas Sparks.

As she was leaving Fox 9 on Wednesday, Hough told me she had a scheduling conflict.

When you travel with an entourage the size of this one for Hough, Duhamel and Sparks, you probably have constant scheduling issues. Take the time required to get the approximately 11 people in the entourage for this trio of celebrities into their assigned luxury automobiles -- FOUR of them! ...

Wait a minute. When Jordin Sparks was here in August, promoting that "Sparkle" remake stinker (sorry, Whitney), I reported that this "American Idol" winner had a 12-person entourage.

Easy to see how celebrities' egos get out of hand.

60th birthday party

KARE11 anchor Diana Pierce sang "Unforgettable" Tuesday for artist Anthony Whelihan at his 60th birthday party.

The Whelihan party rented out Rudolph's for a four-course meal that included no BBQ.

"That was quite a party," said Pierce, who is a singer, too. "Tony was in tears by the end because of the outpouring of love for him. He's done so much for so many organizations through the years. I think that was reflected by those who came to honor him."

Whelihan's partner, the very wry Tim Henning, was amused on two counts: "He's 60 and I've been with him for 30 YEARS!" Henning told me.

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