San Francisco 49ers center Jonathan Goodwin.

Marcio Jose Sanchez, Associated Press

Communication on 49ers offensive line is vital on the road

  • Article by: Sacramento Bee
  • January 19, 2013 - 8:49 PM

Asked to describe the personalities on the San Francisco 49ers offensive line this week, center Jonathan Goodwin sounded as if he were introducing a cast of characters for a new sitcom.

Joe Staley is the funny one, he said. Alex Boone is the rowdy one. Anthony Davis is the mean one, while Mike Iupati is the guy with the sweet disposition who happens to stand 6-foot-5 and weigh 331 pounds.

And what about Goodwin?

"I consider myself the laid-back guy," he said.

That's true, but Goodwin, the team's center, will have to adopt a decidedly Type-A personality Sunday in Atlanta. His job is to get his 10 teammates in and out of the huddle as quickly as possible, something the 49ers see as key to defeating the crowd noise in the Georgia Dome.

The same five 49ers linemen have started every game this season -- a rarity in the NFL -- and have gotten to the critical point where each man knows precisely where the other four are at all times.

"We've played in hostile environments before," Boone said. "But this is one of those games where you've really got to be dialed in. The key is just getting into the huddle, paying attention, being quiet. The more time you have at the line, the easier things get."


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