Fantasy Football Challenge: Motocross star Ryan Dungey

  • November 28, 2012 - 7:19 PM
The Star Tribune's Michael Rand welcomes professional motocross star Ryan Dungey into the mix for this week's fantasy picks. Dungey, a Belle Plaine native, will be in town Friday promoting Saturday's Monster Jam event at the Metrodome as well as the return in April of the Monster Energy Supercross. Dungey was allowed to choose any quarterback, wide receiver and running back except for those taken by last week's guest. Rand was not allowed to pick anyone in the top 10 at his position in terms of fantasy default scoring.


QB: Tom Brady, Patriots QB scoring rank: No. 2. Matchup: Dolphins

He's pretty strong and consistent, and he's always in control of what he's doing. You can rely on him, and he works really well with his teammates.

WR: Brandon Marshall, Bears WR scoring rank: No. 2

Matchup: Seahawks

Percy Harvin from my Vikings would be my first pick, but I'll take Brandon Marshall of the Bears. He's just a bad dude.

RB: Chris Johnson, Titans RB scoring rank: No. 12

Matchup: Texans

I wish I could have my guy Adrian Peterson (picked last week) because of his effort. He always tries hard. But I'll take Johnson.


QB: Tony Romo, Cowboys QB scoring rank: No. 13. Matchup: Eagles

Dallas is desperate, which doesn't necessarily mean it will roll to a victory. But combined with the opponent -- Philadelphia is a sinking ship -- I'll take my chances with Romo this week. WR: Dez Bryant, Cowboys WR scoring rank: No. 11.

Matchup: Eagles

For the second consecutive week, I am doubling up on one team for a QB-WR combo. Bryant has been hot lately, and that continues this week.

RB: Mikel Leshoure, Lions RB scoring rank: No. 21.

Matchup: Colts

The Lions are known more for their passing attack (and choking at the ends of games) than for their running game, but I am playing a hunch.

SCOREBOARD Week 13 fantasy recap (using default scoring method)

Winner: Michael Rand -- Matt Schaub (14.5), Andre Johnson (18.8), Chris Johnson (10.9). Total: 44.2

Loser: Glen Perkins -- Peyton Manning (17.5), A.J. Green (13.2), Adrian Peterson (11.8). Total: 42.5

Overall standings: Guest pickers 7-5.

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