Mpls. lawmakers call for delay on flight changes

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  • November 16, 2012 - 5:15 PM

Minneapolis state legislators on Friday joined the growing chorus of public officials who are calling for the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) to delay a plan to consolidate flight patterns in the area.

The proposal to concentrate the routes of planes taking off from Minneapolis-St. Paul airport will have dramatic affects on airplane noise throughout the Twin Cities metro area. Eight lawmakers representing south Minneapolis wrote in a letter Friday that MAC should not approve the plan at a scheduled vote on Monday.

"The techniques under consideration...will consolidate air traffic over precise tracks which could give noise relief for some but will also lead to a concentration of noise for others," the lawmakers wrote. "This is a significant action that needs further study and analysis."

The letter said that more information is needed about the plan, and constituents need a better opportunity to provide input. The current input process "has not been adequate," the lawmakers said.

The document (below) was signed by Reps. Frank Hornstein, Jim Davnie, Jean Wagenius, Karen Clark, Susan Allen, and Sens. Scott Dibble, Jeff Hayden and Patricia Torres-Ray.

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