It's all in the feet

  • Blog Post by: Kent Youngblood
  • October 17, 2012 - 4:11 PM

 All in his feet

When it comes to being more accurate as a passer, Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder says it all starts with his feet.

This comes courtesy of Ponder, who talked about his accuracy issues of the past week – particularly in the Washington game Sunday – with the media. He talked specifically about passes he missed to tight ends Kyle Rudolph and John Carlson and the pass intended for wide receiver Michael Jenkins that was intercepted by Madieu Williams and returned for a score.

“The one I threw short to Kyle, I flipped my feet around and I should have just stayed on the run and threw off-balance,” Ponder said. “I had a missed throw to John Carlson on a little corner route that I didn’t really set my feet. It’s all footwork. ... The one to Jenkins I was hitching up because I was looking left and he was on the right and I never got my foot all the way to the right and that's why I kind of dropped the ball and it sailed on me."

Ponder has four interceptions in his last two games.

“I think when I get myself in trouble is when I get to the top of my drop and just kind of hop there and sit back there rather than moving forward,” Ponder said. “I definitely make a lot of my better throws when I move forward and that’s something I’ve got to continue getting better at, making that a habit rather than hopping at the top of my pocket. That’s what I did in college and got away with it. Obviously the ends are rushing upfield a lot more and they’re a lot better (in the NFL). So I’ve got to keep doing a good job moving forward.”

So working on his footwork has become a priority for Ponder. 

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