Working multiple part-time jobs ain't so bad, says Twins vendor

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  • September 10, 2012 - 4:23 PM


A vendor walks the stands at Target Field in 2010. (Star Tribune file photo)

A vendor walks the stands at Target Field in 2010. (Star Tribune file photo)

I got a voicemail over the weekend from Jake Slipka, of Maplewood, after he read our story on how vacant jobs don't pay as well as they used to. I called to make sure he's OK with me posting what he said, and transcribed portions of it here:

Hey Adam, Jake and Julie Slipka. Just reading your article in the Star and Tribune. I’m one of the ones that work three jobs but I choose to. 52 years old. Paid off the house in seven years vending at Twins games, the Vikings, concerts. Work at the school. Work for my father-in-law. There’s nothing wrong with working two or three jobs...Some of these jobs are part-time jobs anyway. Find something you like to do, work part-time, make extra money. It has nothing to do with what they make. You can’t have a cashier at McDonald’s making 48 bucks an hour. You know, what would the hamburger be? 200 bucks a hamburger? It is what it is…Work part-time, that’s disposable income to put in your pocket when everything else is paid for. So do an article on that, I mean there’s nothing wrong with working. I’d like to make $500,000 a year but I don’t live my life worrying about what I can and can’t do. I’ve got to go vend a Twins game now, no crowds there, so I know I ain’t gonna make a ton of money, but it is what it is. Had a good 30-year run vending. Give me a call.

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