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Movers & shakers: Evan Rapp, Creative Water Solutions

  • August 12, 2012 - 12:32 PM



Title: Sales representative

Age: 48

Veteran sales and creative professional Evan Rapp is taking the plunge as sales representative at Creative Water Solutions, a Plymouth company that markets a sphagnum moss water treatment for pools and spas.

Rapp's role is to help drive sales of new products developed for the commercial market, including public pools and spas and pools at colleges and water parks. The effort complements years of focus on sales in the residential market.

"I love the idea of representing something that means something," Rapp said. "Our product is a genuine discovery with remarkable potential benefits."

Rapp has nearly 30 years' experience in sales and sales management and more than 20 years in dealer and distributor relations. The former actor/comedian, who ran a voice-over talent agency in the Twin Cities, is putting his creative background to work in online marketing "Moss Appeal" videos. They address the benefits of what Creative Water Solutions' SpaNaturally and PoolNaturally products, which it describes as the first all-natural, "green" water treatment system developed for pools and spas.

The product is sustainable and its use dramatically reduces chemical and maintenance costs, according to the company, while improving the experience of swimmers and spa users.

In 1998, Rapp founded a company that sold and designed business technology solutions and managed sales regions for a high-end audio company. For 15 years, he served as a voice-over professional, actor and consultant in New York, appearing in more than 600 commercials as well as in movies and stage productions. Rapp has a bachelor's degree in communications from Southern Connecticut State University.

QHow did your work in stand-up comedy help you in sales?

AOnce you've done that, I think you're prepared to face anything. I don't run scared. A lot of it is born out of my early years -- this need to communicate. That's what a comedian does, that's what a salesperson does.

QWhat appealed to you about the opportunity at Creative Water Solutions?

AI'm surrounded by people doing remarkable work and doing it for the right reasons ... because it has the ability to make a sustainable impact on our world. It goes far beyond the swimming pool.

QHow are you approaching prospects in the commercial market?

AA lot of my job is good, old-fashioned phone work, where I'm trying to get that opportunity to speak to individuals on a one-to-one basis. [The product] is so easy to apply it requires a bit more explanation, because people have a difficult time wrapping their brain around the idea that they can put some moss into a pool and it's going to change the aquatic balance and change the way the water feels and looks and behaves.


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