Friday (Terry Ryan spot on when it comes to Joe Mauer) edition: Wha' Happened?

  • Blog Post by: Michael Rand
  • July 20, 2012 - 9:31 AM

This is an opinion, but  it also doubles as a fact: If you are critical of Joe Mauer's all-around play this season, then you are simply being stubborn.

You are still living in 2011, you will never get over the fact that while Mauer hits the ball with plenty of authority he is not a home run hitter and -- most importantly -- you simply can't get over the fact that he makes $23 million a season.

Those sentiments are echoed by the Twins' no-nonsense GM Terry Ryan, who summed up the Mauer situation with this quote Thursday:

"No one has ever said that we thought Joe Mauer was going to hit 28 home runs every year, especially with the move from the Dome to [Target Field]. He made the All-Star team. He's been in the lineup for the most part. He's doing about [what he did in] his career that's brought him to this point. So if they've got a criticism, it's only because of the dollars."

Exactly. We're tired of arguing with people about what Mauer is not. We are tired of hearing people say he is not a good clutch hitter when he is among the MLB leaders with a .377 batting average this season with runners in scoring position (we have recited that stat in some form three times in the last week to stunned folks we know who assumed he was doing quite poorly).

The discussion of Mauer has moved beyond logic. We are resigned to the fact that some people won't think he is earning his contract until he hits a 7-run homer every time he bats -- that can't separate performance from money and don't care about everything Mauer is doing this year. Mauer is not perfect, but he -- as Ryan points out -- is an All-Star catcher having a terrific season, which is pretty much on par with his career.

If you've made peace with that, at this point you also have to make peace with those who haven't ... and just be done with the argument.

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