Interesting finds for the compost pile.

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  • June 28, 2012 - 11:32 AM


New home owners are fun.  They have so many questions! 

A recent new home owner purchased a compost bin and we had a discussion about what can be put in the bin.  Of course, the usual leaves, grass clippings, vegetable peels, and dead flowers; but then she asked me about a few other things that was cause for pause.


  • Toilet paper rolls.  Why not, rip them up and they’ll break down.                                  
  • Egg Cartons.  Yes.  The paper kind only, rip them up and add to your compost         
  • Food boxes.  Yes as long as the food has not touched the cardboard.  In other words, yes to the pizza box, but no to the greasy round cardboard holding the pizza.  Rip these up before adding
  • Dryer lint.  I suppose, even though it might be polyester, it’s broken down enough to put into the compost pile
  • Contents of your vacuum bag.  Ummmmm, why not.  Hair, dust, small particles.
  • Magazines.  No.  The glossy paper won’t break down, but those pesky ‘seeds’ (mail back cards) will compost after you rip them up.
  • Droppings from a dog.  No Way!  If the animal eats meat, keep their droppings away from the home composter.  Now you can take their fur.
  • Then my friend was going to have a barbeque to celebrate her new home and that brought up a few other items she could add to the compost:  Paper table cloths (as long as food is not spilled on them), raffia, crepe paper streamers.

Think of what you throw in the garbage.  What other things can you add to your compost?  Just this morning I used cotton swabs to wipe mascara from my eyes.  That could be added.   What else?

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