What Do Facebookers Say

  • Blog Post by: T.R. Michels
  • October 1, 2011 - 5:31 PM

Unfortunately readers here may not see the comments readers from one of the Lily the Black Bear related pages on Facebook, such as my "Protect Minnesota's Research Bears"  page, leave on Facebook. If you only read the comments left here, you might get a very one sided view of what people think.

Here is a short list of some of the comments made on Facebook.


      Thank you for that blog post, T.r. I'm in Canada, but I've just joined the Protect Minnesota Research Bears page.
      Thank you T.r.
  •   Glad to see a positive article.....thanks!
  •   Excellent TR way to go
  •  Glad to see a positive article...Thanks
  •   Well written article T.r!!! Hope hunters take away something from it!
           I especially like this quote from the article: "Why not, instead of restricting how much Dr. Rogers is allowed to do, help him, help the citizens and State of Minnesota." Outstanding!
  •  excellent article,hope all hunters really read this article
  •   Im so glad someone has stepped up and has a positive out look for the bears..they need it now
  • hope for hope that the hunters will understand the lose
  • what a superb article. Thank you TR.
  • Thank you T.r.!!
  •   Thank you, T.r.! AND Thank you, Hope!!
  • Thanks again, TR. Wonder if any hunters will respond? Hope so. Glad you mentioned the conservation and economic importance to MN.
  •  I agree with you wholeheartedly.
  •  She was essentially a million dollar bear and an ambassador for research and that ability been impacted. If this happened to a for-profit organization heads would fly for the interruption to business this has caused, don't you think?.
  •  Thank you, TR. Another great article. Your voice is always appreciated.
  • I really like T.r. Michels posts, gives me hope there can be a compromise and we can all really get along for the greater good. There is a lot of common ground.
  •   thank you for writing about the bears!!
  • Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Let's Hope for a positive solution to the current hunting regs.
  • Thank you,TR. hoping that those who are in charge of change will see and understand what has been lost for all time and what could have been so easily saved.
  • Thank you TR for a great article.
  •  Thank you for your very positive informative article regarding Hope.
  • Thank you T.R. great read

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