Land for Peace Mirage?

  • Blog Post by: Gary Fine
  • September 13, 2011 - 10:48 AM

Is exchanging Israeli land in increments for Arab peace agreements, in reality, a pathway for methodically destroying Israel’s capacity for self-defense?   “Land for Peace” initiatives, promoted, pursued and or envisioned by world leaders, governments, idealists, international media conglomerates and others, have for years mounted intensive pressure on Israel to exchange its land for so-called “peaceful relations” with her neighbors.

Egypt, the internationally-acclaimed “Showpiece” for all Arab peace agreements with Israel, has in the last few months encouraged the notion that its showcase peace treaty offered Israel merely a timeout, only postponing confrontation.  "This is part of the dark side of the Egyptian revolution," said Robert Satloff, director of The Washington Institute for Near East Policy. "The Egypt-Israel peace treaty is the foundation of everything we've done in the Middle East for the last 30 years. ... You're back to zero-point if that treaty falls apart." –Fox  News, 9/12/11

For years, Israel has suffered intensive international pressure to relinquish tangible enduring assets of land, etc., in exchange for these vanishing arrangements. What did Israel gain with its unilateral pullback from S. Lebanon, and Gaza?

For peace with Egypt- Israel, then self sufficient in energy by virtue of its discovery and development of oilfields in Sinai, gifted these to Egypt along with the entire Sinai land mass, then becoming energy dependent to Egypt.  Israel also gave up a natural, defensible Red Sea border to Egypt, with unencumbered international shipping access.  And now, Israel’s decades long commitments to peace with Egypt has been rewarded with the recent unprovoked attack from Egyptian territory against Israel by terrorists, accommodated by Egyptians.  This was the forerunner to the latest attack on the Israeli embassy in Egypt. The Israeli embassy attack was limited in scope only under intensive political pressure placed upon Egypt from her financial benefactor – the US.

 “The Obama administration is scrambling to contain an emerging diplomatic crisis in the Middle East, as Israel's closest Muslim allies lash out at the country in a string of demonstrations some fear could jeopardize an already-fragile peace. The latest flare-up occurred over the weekend, when hundreds of protesters in Cairo stormed the Israeli embassy, forcing Israeli diplomats to flee. That comes on top of a prior clash between Egyptian and Israeli officials after Palestinian militants coming by way of the Sinai Peninsula attacked Israeli targets last month. Three Egyptian officers were killed as Israel returned fire. “ {In addition}“Turkey earlier this month moved to expel Israel's ambassador and downgrade diplomatic ties, escalating a long-simmering dispute over Israel's raid last year on a Gaza-bound Turkish ship.”- Fox News 9/12/11

Turkeys actions were taken despite the fact that Israel clearly warned Turkey in advance , and with Turkey fully knowing that an investigative UN report concluded that Israel was within its legal rights to blockade Gaza and defend itself, and that Israeli commandos faced “organized and violent resistance” from passengers on the Turkish vessel.

Considering past and recent events in Lebanon, Gaza, Turkey and Egypt.  Should America continue business as usual, supplying tens of billions of dollars to Arab interests (substantially increased to Egypt this past spring by President Obama) in exchange for results which include non-binding  peace agreements with Israel?  Additionally, should Israel continue to exchange land for questionable , perhaps illusory, peace agreements with neighbors intent on her destruction?

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