Bachman's and Goodthings warehouse sales are both worth a stop

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  • July 28, 2011 - 10:09 AM

It's about time Bachman's brought  back its warehouse sale. When it ended in 2005, it was getting to be a lot of "special purchase" merchandise brought in for the sale but not a bargain worth tweeting about.

The sale that opens at noon today is an improvement. Some of the merch is still special purchase, such as Christmas wrapping paper and ribbon at 50 percent off. (Apparently, some shoppers like this, but c'mon, shouldn't Christmas in July be 70 percent off?)

The patio furniture is also mostly special purchase  too, but I'm sure it will be a popular seller. There is a lot more of it than in previous sales. The quality looked similar to Home Depot to me, but the prices were fairly low. Some seat cushions are only $5. 

What are some of the best values? Tropical plants in the nursery at 60th & Lyndale are 75 percent off (purple fountain grass, hibiscus), a selection of plant chemicals and mosquito repellants are 90 percent off, and live large plants (palms, dracenas, sansevieria) are 50 percent off or more,  


There is a large amount of vintage stuff that is half off such as game tables, rusted iron lattice, driftwood tables and chairs made from bleached teak, lamp bases, milk glass shades, wash basins, and punch boards.


Garden items included statuary benches, Liberty Plus Cordless Mosquito Defense Systems for $347 (reg. $695), fountains, bubblers and tumbling composters

Other sale items: artificial flower stems 50 percent off and assorted gifts and glassware.  

Most of the items are in the nursery area but don't miss more trop[ical plants just outside the nursery and a selection of about a dozen trees (8-10-ft. elms and linden) for only $20. And the Lemons & Leftovers area in the main store is still fully stocked. One interesting vintage item: Slide projector carousels with a round mirror in the center marked half off. 

It's too early to say if Bachman's will bring back the warehouse sale next year, said Larry Pfarr, Bachman's Idea House coordinator.


Another good sale worth a  visit is Goodthings gifts in White Bear Lake. The sale is in the former Outdoor Cooking Store space on 4th street by Abbott Paint. All items came from the store's inventory. Some are scratch and dent (80 percent off or more) but most are onsies or small quantities of giftware, clothing, women's shoes, toys, and seasonal items. at 50 percent off. You won't find JM Paquet upholstered furniture at such low prices anywhere else (an eclectic, colorful pastiche of fabrics on chairs, loveseats and ottomans). If you're looking for Catstudio towels or glassware for Minnesota, don't bother. I didn't see any nearby states represented.   



For more information about both sales, check out today's Steals+Deals.

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