Miguel Angel Jimenez is my hero

  • Blog Post by: Jim Souhan
  • July 15, 2011 - 10:42 AM

MIguel Angel Jimenez is my hero. The Spanish golfer loves his wine and cigars and has made millions playing golf with a swing almost as ugly as mine.

The man is a professional athlete with a pronounced pot belly, and on Friday morning, ESPN he executed a stretching regimen on the British Open practice range that was remindful of a pregnant stripper trying to save her job.

The regimen fell somewhere between pornography and low comedy. In other words, it would have made the Farrelly Brothers blush.

That ugly sight aside, watching The Open Championship this morning affected me in the way that all major golf championships have affected me in the age of big-screen HD TVs. It reminded me of just how beautiful modern sports can be.

We've never had this kind of access to the true sights of championship golf, in a format that highlights every blade of grass and even elevation changes. We've never had more beautiful ballparks and stadiums.

To make myself sound every bit as old as I am, I hope these young people today appreciate what they have. My generation grew up watching fuzzy images on black-and-white, or poor color, TVs.Modern TV lets us appreciate just how beautiful sport can be.

-Wrote about Trevor Plouffe and Delmon Young for today's paper. With them holding down the bottom of the order, the Twins' lineup looks about 50 percent scarier than it did a week ago.

The Twins knew their bullpen would be a work in progress this season. Behind the scenes, they hoped all spring that their stacked lineup would score enough runs to lessen the pressure on their bullpen.

That's probably what will happen here. If Young and Plouffe can produce runs, and some combination of Jason Kubel, Denard Span, Jim Thome, Justin Morneau and Joe Mauer are healthier and more productive over the last 10 weeks of the season, the Twins could still become the offensive juggernaut many of us expected them to be.

If they do, they'll be one player away from being capable of winning the division. That one player is a power reliever.

I've heard the Toronto Blue Jays are ready to trade away relievers. The Twins have Kevin Slowey and perhaps an outfielder to offer. This is a deal that should get done. While Jon Rauch wouldn't be the Twins' first choice, given that hardly anyone in the organization liked him by the end of last season, but he's exactly what the Twins need - a durable late-game reliever.

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