"Antiques Roadshow" is coming to town. Do appraisers get stumped?

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  • July 7, 2011 - 8:57 AM


First, my apologies for getting the location of the "Antiques Roadshow" wrong in today's paper. It will be at the Minneapolis Convention Center Saturday. Click here for the article. Here is some additional information from the show's senior publicist, Judy Matthews.




Do appraisers ever get stumped?

Yes, but they have access to the Roadshow’s traveling reference library. Most bring their own favorite references guides and a laptop. Each specialty usually has at least two apprasers so if one is stumped, the other might know.




What’s the key to the show's success?

It’s the stories people tell about their object. Other similar shows such as "Pawn Stars" are more focused on what it’s worth. Even the people who bring items are interested as much in the history and identification of the item as they are in its value. There’s almost always a surprise if its valuable.


Are the appraisals accurate?

Before taping, appraisers are asked to be sure to put the value in context, The appraisals are explained further on the website. For example, a dealer might give a retail price whereas an auctioneer would give a price based on past auctions. Some items can bring a lot more at an auction, depending on where it is sold. A good auctioneer knows where it might bring top dollar., said Matthews.


Does the show ever follow an item after it’s been featured to see what people did with it?

We considered doing a spinoff of the show where we say what we appraised it at and what it sold at, but we found out that hardly anyone sells their items. They hold on to them, so we didn’t have enough items to discuss for a show.



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