Hunter's best catches ...

  • November 22, 2007 - 10:06 PM

Torii Hunter made numerous great catches as a Twin, but a few stand out. Staff writer La Velle E. Neal III, who has covered the Twins since October 1997, ranked his top five:

1 JULY 9, 2002

In what was one of the all-time show stoppers, Hunter dashed toward the right-center field gap, jumped at the wall and stole a home run from Barry Bonds in the All-Star Game in Milwaukee. The picture of Hunter making the catch while Seattle's Ichiro Suzuki looked on is one of the most memorable in All-Star history.

2 MAY 9, 2007

With the bases loaded against the White Sox in the Metrodome, Hunter turned his back to the infield, sprinted to the fence and caught Juan Uribe's drive before landing on his tailbone. Willie Mays-ish.

3 MAY 17, 2003

Carlos Lee thought he had tied the score for the White Sox when his drive off Joe Mays headed over the center field fence at the Metrodome. But Hunter, running at full speed, took off from the warning track, elevated until his chest was over the top of the fence and hauled Lee's drive in. Flat-out robbery. Lee was flabbergasted.

4 JULY 18, 2003

With two outs in the top of the ninth against Oakland and the tying run on second, Hunter dashed in to make a diving catch of Ramon Hernandez's liner, ending the game and earning a save for Eddie Guardado. Extra points for late-inning greatness.

5 APRIL 1, 2002

Hunter dashed about 50 yards to rob Neifi Perez of a hit, ending a game at Kansas City and giving Ron Gardenhire a victory in his managerial debut. Way to impress the new boss.

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