Celebration of Sathers fits him, to a tee

  • Article by: Maria Elena Baca
  • Star Tribune
  • August 24, 2007 - 7:54 PM

On Scott and Betsy Sathers' wedding day, not quite a year ago, Betsy carried a bouquet of calla lilies. It was, she said, the happiest day of her life.

On Friday morning, a vase near the altar in St. Philip the Deacon Lutheran Church in Plymouth, held 10 calla lilies, each symbolizing a month of their married life. Scott was killed Aug. 1 in the collapse of the Interstate 35W bridge. It was, Betsy said, the saddest day of her life.

Scott Sathers was bade farewell surrounded by his friends, relatives and tokens of his many passions -- football, hockey, NASCAR, his dogs, golf. Each mourner was sent home with a sky-blue golf tee, inscribed with "Scott Sathers: FOREever in our hearts."

A table outside the sanctuary was filled with items from Sathers' childhood, including a baby book stuffed with elementary school drawings and papers.

Sathers, 29, of Blaine, worked at Capella University in Minneapolis as an enrollment director. His body was found Sunday in the Mississippi River.

At the service, Sathers' uncle, Craig Oberg, read a statement from Sathers' parents.

"We will be forever connected by the love we have for you," he read. "There will be a time when we will see your face and hear your voice and be together again."

Betsy Sathers shared thoughts and memories of her husband: his enthusiasm for everything, his conspicuous love for her, their two dogs and his family, his reputation as a jokester and smart aleck. The stories, delivered in a clear voice, elicited laughter and poignant silence.

She exhorted those at the service to embrace their spouses' quirks, whether laundry on the floor, unfinished home projects or extended shoe-shopping trips.

"If there's one thing this tragedy has taught me, it's to enjoy every day as if it might be your last," she said.

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