TFD: The Friday apology list and an idea for a new feature -- Brushes With Greatness

  • Blog Post by: Michael Rand
  • February 4, 2011 - 4:13 PM

Commenter Clarence Swamptown liked our "Friday Apology List" so much a few weeks back that he thought it would make a nice weekly feature. Sadly, we don't offend enough people on a regular basis and didn't really have much to apologize the past couple of Fridays.

This week, if the comments are any indication, we have offended plenty. Nice! OK, so we take no great pleasure in that, actually, and we don't just write things to stir the pot. But we also don't have a problem having a minority opinion on Kevin Love. To reiterate for those who think we hate Love: We don't. In fact, we are quite infatuated with his game and his season. We just don't think he's an All-Star. Yet. Sorry if that makes you sad. Agree to disagree.

On another note, our pal MC Creme Fraiche had a splendid idea for a new commenter feature called "Brushes with Greatness." Basically, we're looking for stories about how you met sports celebrities in random places, and what happened during those fleeting moments. These should generally be positive and/or funny. We're not looking for dirt. Just good stories. If there's a photo that goes with them (to help verify), all the better. We're hoping a different friend will deliver the first installment, about the time he gave a prominent NCAA football coach a ride in his Mitsubishi Montero.

Have you had a similar brush with greatness? You know where to find us.

And if you didn't know: Twins President Dave St. Peter is now on Twitter. Go follow him!

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