OK, so it's my attempt at a joke.

That end of the world line come from something Kevin Love said after Friday's victory over San Antonio, when he was told the Wolves had defeated the Spurs in consecutive games for the first time in eight years. "We've got to do it before the Mayan Calendar runs out," he said.

ha. ha.

But seriously. The Wolves once again took it to an opponent in the fourth quarter. And I mean took it to them. Minnesota held the third-highest-scoring NBA team to a season-low 79 points, just 15 in the fourth quarter. San Antonio got two offensive rebounds all night, scored just one field goal in the final seven minutes.

As a result the Wolves won for the second straight time and for the sixth time in nine games.

My biggest impressions from tonight's game:

--I continue to be impressed with Ricky Rubio's fourth-quarter toughness. And not just because he hit three of five fourth-quarter shots tonight, scoring nine of his 18 points in the fourth quarter. This guy just does what it takes for the team to win. Tonight that meant scoring with the Spurs all but daring him to shoot.

After the game a senior columnist from our paper kept trying to find out if someone on the Wolves staff had helped Rubio with his shot. But everyone -- including Rubio -- continued to say it was the work Rubio got during the lockout that helped. He had struggled over the last few games with his shot. But he has not lost confidence in it. And he continues to make shots when they matter. He ended up with 18 points and 10 assists, his eight such double-double of the season, one behind Deron Williams of New Jersey.

--How about Nikola Pekovic? Getting the surprise start with Darko! hurt, Pek went out and pushed Tim Duncan around all night, holding Duncan to nine points on 2-for-12 shooting. And Pek got 14 points and 10 rebounds himself for his second career double-double. Game by game Pek is becoming more and more important to this team.


Here are some other thoughts:

--Michael Beasley was rusty in his return. But that's no excuse for his clear intent to shoot just about every time he touched the ball. Ball movement, folks. Ball movement.

--Derrick Williams is, more and more, attacking the basket. That resulted in 12 points off the bench tonight.

--Can you believe the Wolves turned the ball over just twice in the second half? That is amazing. Just as amazing as the two offensive rebounds the Spurts got tonight.


That's about all for now. I'll get back to you tomorrow. Have a good night.

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