Here are three thoughts following the Twins' 6-2 loss to Colorado:

SUZUKI'S ANKLE: Kurt Suzuki was in some major pain after he fouled a ball off his left ankle in the fifth inning. I thought he was coming out of the game but fought his way through the rest of the game. Troy Tulowitzki's fantastic throw in the seventh was on a ground ball Suzuki hit, and Suzuki was unable to find his top gear while running to first base. Suzuki is one of game-on guys in the clubhouse, so it's going to take a lot for him to come out of a game.

ROCKIES DEFENSE: Tulo's play in the hole was outstanding. The jump throw was Jeter-esque. But Jeter doesn't make that play because he doesn't have the range Tulo does. What a player. And Carlos Gonzalez, in his first game back off the disabled list, made a huge throw from right field in the third to throw out Brian Dozier, who tried to go from first to third on a single. The Rockies defense was impressive.

TWINS OFFENSE: They weren't getting a lot of chances early, but they forced Jorge De La Rosa to throw 62 pitches through three innings. I thought they had a chance to knock him out earlier and get to that bullpen. Then again, Colorado's bullpen was very effective on Friday. Rockies pitchers threw 170 pitches on Friday to the Twins 100. The Twins lacked key hits - and power.

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