This is welcome:

Beavis and Butt-head return to MTV later this month, and MTV's sister network, VH1, is also giving us a welcome blast from the past with the return of "Pop Up Videos" at noon on Monday.


New episodes of the series were last seen on VH1 in 2002, and music videos in general have only become more scarce -- particularly on MTV and VH1 -- since then. But "Pop Up Video," with its wealth of well-researched factoids, those cute little icons and, of course, the infectious theme song and "pop" sound effects, has dug into some of the most memorable music clips from recent years for the new episodes.

Some people might not remember the show - I certainly don’t remember the theme, “infectious” as it may have been. It was as close as music-video channels ever got to being educational. You learned things! It made non-annotated videos look incomplete.

Here’s an example, from the days when people watched this video of their own free will, not because they’d been tricked or trolled. Yes, children, people wanted this on purpose.


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