In veto, Dayton blames House GOP for 'insufficient' ed bill

In veto, Dayton blames House GOP for 'insufficient' ed bill

Gov. Mark Dayton on Tuesday blamed the House GOP for a lack of agreement on universal preschool; GOP leaders say they compromised on school funds, early-learning programs

Daudt signs on with Scott Walker for President

August 6, 2015
Minnesota House Speaker Kurt Daudt endorsed Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker for president Thursday, and will be state chairman of his campaign.

Minn. Security Hospital fined $20,000 for safety violations

September 26
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September 13

Twin Metals sues federal government over right to mine near BWCA

Twin Metals says new concerns don't give regulators the right to revoke long-standing leases.
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September 9
Democratic Rep. Rick Nolan, left, is being challenged a second time by Republican Stewart Mills in Minnesota's Eighth Congressional District.

On the Iron Range, Rick Nolan battles Stewart Mills – and Trump

Stung by the loss of blue-collar jobs, Nolan's northern Minnesota congressional district is a hotbed of Trump support, even among some Democrats.
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September 7

State clears way for first unconditional Sex Offender Program release

The 26-year-old has been confined solely for acts he did as young as age 10.
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September 1

Are Minnesotans becoming complacent when it comes to voting?

Minnesota is known for its high voter turnout, but a look at the data over time shows the number is sinking.
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August 25

26-year-old cleared for release from state sex offender treatment program

Man, 26, who abused as a child, is set to get program's first unconditional discharge.
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August 9

'Known and Strange Things' offers bold, thoughtful essays on art, life and race

NONFICTION: A Nigerian-American novelist reveals the deep roots of his artistic passions in a book of essays.
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August 7
Katelin Ferrell bore the marks from her stay at a purported mental health facility in Anoka County. "From the very beginning, they treated me like a criminal," she said.

Hundreds of Minnesota teens confined, abused for no crime

Troubled children not charged with a crime — whose only offenses might be running away from home or hitting a classmate — account for one-fifth of the population in Minnesota's county juvenile correctional facilities. Between 2009 and 2015, the amount of time that so-called "non-delinquent" children spent in such facilities rose 28 percent, largely because child protection workers and judges have nowhere else to send them.
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July 29
Vice presidential candidate Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., walked on stage Wednesday night at Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Twitter explodes with dad jokes for VP nominee Tim Kaine

The main response to vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine at the Democratic National Convention last night? He is everyone's dad.
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July 24
Four mothers with sons in the Minnesota Security Hospital in St. Peter prepare to embark to St. Peter for a one of their regular meetings to advocate for their sons who are psychiatric patients at the hospital Tuesday, July 12, 2016, in St. Paul. MN. Among those mothers were, left to right, Lynda Hansen; a mom who didn't want to be named, Sheila Novak and Connie Kishel.

Moms emerge as force for change at Minn. state mental hospital

Parents want more access, more focus on treatment at state security hospital.
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July 20

State addiction facility cited for neglect in star basketball player's suicide

Staff at the St. Peter treatment center failed to take necessary precautions.
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July 18
Brad Teslow, a former gym teacher, pauses at his apartment before head...

Minnesota man with disability wins round in fight for job promotion

A St. Paul man who won a first-of-its-kind lawsuit, said he "just wanted a shot at an interview" for a supervisor position at the Bloomington packaging plant.
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July 12

Jim Metzen, longtime South St. Paul state senator, dies at 72

The DFLer, a lifelong hockey booster, called a true friend.
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July 11

Man who raped girls is latest cleared for release as MSOP changes course

Judges say Dwight Walton, convicted in 1980s, has shown progress in treatment.
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June 30

State VA chooses new health care deputy commissioner

Douglas Hughes has military, business and health care experience.
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June 28
Democratic members of Congress, including Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., center, and Rep. Elizabeth Esty, D-Conn., participated Wednesday in a sit-down protest seeking a vote on gun control measures.

Stung by defeats, Democrats shift strategy on gun control

The party is bringing its case to the people, with leaders urging members to conduct sit-ins around the country as they try to sustain the flash of activism on the gun issue.
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June 13
David Oliver, manager of special projects, held a sample that had meta...

U.S. Forest Service balks at copper-nickel mining plan near BWCA

Forest Service asks for public comment on Twin Metals plan.
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May 31

City of Lakeville's tweet sparks a political dustup

The city of Lakeville deleted an objectionable tweet this week that GOP politicians criticized as public support for a political campaign.Screenshots on social media show…
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May 23

Gallery: Legislators worked until midnight deadline

Legislators failed to agree on a spending bill before their midnight adjournment deadline Sunday, May 22, 2016.
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May 20

Feb. 1: Minnesota leaders' full-page ad decries bigotry toward Muslims

From across a broad spectrum, hate messages declared "un-Minnesotan."
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May 16

Minn. first to require training on fetal alcohol disorders for foster parents

The law culminates years of grass-roots lobbying by disability advocates, and requires all newly licensed foster parents to receive an hour of training on parenting strategies for children with FASD.