Bring it!

It's that time of year again in which we blatantly rip off Hawk Harrelson and choose the Twins position player and pitcher you think will have a big year!

But it's not that simple. For instance, if you pick Joe Mauer to click this season, he has to have a season that approaches Mike Piazza in power and run production. If you pick Scott Baker, he has to be a threat to win 18-20 games. The bar for someone like Delmon Young or Nick Blackburn is, of course, lower.

The goal of this exercise is to think about which Twins player you think will take their game to another level this season - and to debate it here. Please, just list one pitcher and one position player, or the pollmaster will file your selection with the senate recount ballots.

In case you don't remember, here's how you did last season:.

Position player

1.  Delmon Young             87
2.  Jason Kubel                64
3.  Carlos Gomez              60
4. Michael Cuddyer           30
5. Alexi Casilla                 20
6. Joe Crede                    11


1. Kevin Slowey         149
2. Francisco Liriano     36
3. Nick Blackburn       30
4. Glen Perkins           27
5. Jesse Crain            19

I picked Kubel and Slowey last season. This year, my picks are more controversial. They will be revealed next week when I close the polls.

The polls are now open. What say YOU?

I'm in for Paul Allen from 9-Noon today on KFAN. We plan to have Dave St. Peter and Harmon Killebrew on. Will go off on the Eagles trade, preview tonight's NCAA championship game and have an EXPANDED picks to click poll on air.

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