Armed with Thermoses of coffee, sandwiches and perhaps a few cookies — and, of course, shotguns or rifles — Minnesota firearms deer hunters will amble into the state’s woods and fields early Saturday morning hoping to see a whitetail or two

In most instances, hunters will tote cameras as well, if only the ones on their cell phones.

The latter pieces of gear will allow the state’s approximately 500,000 deer seekers to record their outings — including any whitetails bagged — for future reference.

Again this fall, the Star Tribune will help hunters celebrate those memories by publishing selected digital photos on the Wednesday Outdoors page throughout the Minnesota and Wisconsin deer seasons.

Most of these photos, as in past years, will feature hunters and their harvested deer. But images needn’t necessarily display trophy animals. Photos of hunters with does or small bucks are always appreciated, especially if they highlight the experiences of young (or not so young) nimrods on their first outings.

This year we’re seeking as well photos that more broadly memorialize Minnesota deer hunting. Images of deer camps, for example, are welcome, whether of shacks or something-nicer-than shacks. So, too, photos of orange-clad hunters gathered around wood stoves, card tables or wood piles — or while hoisting felled whitetails onto camp “meat poles.’’

Regardless of a photo’s content, its quality matters. Photos considered for publication will be clear, well-lighted and informative.

Readers also should include with submitted photos a few descriptive sentences, including names of people shown and other pertinent information such as the time, day and general location where hunts were conducted. Contact phone numbers of readers submitting photos also should be included.

Photos can be e-mailed to: