All year long, Travel features photographs taken by readers on their journeys near and far. From the exuberance of a tango in Buenos Aires to the tranquility of the Minnesota River Valley, these pictures bring us into the traveler's world and suggest an observant eye.

I used to avoid taking photographs while on vacation, thinking that I would be hiding behind a lens, missing the world beyond. But that was before I had a light, simple-to-use digital camera -- and before I understood that the act of scouting for the right frame can help us see the world more deeply.

For a unique way to focus your eye while on vacation, read how award-winning Star Tribune photographer Richard Sennott explains his approach to shooting during travels through France. And then, once you've taken your own photographs, send them to us. We're always happy to spend a moment of our day letting you take us away (upload your images at "Viewfinders."