More than 1,000 people marched and chanted down Lake Street in south Minneapolis on Sunday afternoon demanding an end to federal immigration raids and policies that separate children from their families.

The peaceful crowd full of families with children started at the corner of Lake Street and Nicollet Avenue and culminated with speeches at the First Universalist Church of Minneapolis.

“Today we stand in solidarity and resistance,” the Rev. Ruth MacKenzie, a minister at First Universalist, told the crowd. “We are fighting the racist policies hurting families and traumatizing communities.”

Protesters waved flags and banners and temporarily stopped traffic as they marched in the street.

Leaders with megaphones led chants, including “We are here to show our rage. No more children in a cage.”

The Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee and the local chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations organized the march, alarmed about what’s happening on the southern border and policies that ban travelers from Muslim-majority countries.

Minneapolis police did not have a crowd estimate available.

Joe and Arlene Jullie of Eden Prairie unfurled a banner made of baby diapers that read “reunite.”

“Somebody has got to stand up,” Joe Jullie said. “When history is written, which side will you be on?”