Gov. Tim Pawlenty will nearly reach the end of the year without having to deal with the press.

Since Dec. 15, when he spoke to the Osseo Business Association, he's had nothing on his public schedule but his Friday, Dec. 18 radio show.

His new-found reclusiveness will continue through Dec. 28, according to his just released public schedule:

Governor Pawlenty’s Public Events Schedule for Friday, December 25 through Monday, December 28

Friday, December 25 – Christmas Day

No Public Events Scheduled

Saturday, December 26

No Public Events Scheduled

Sunday, December 27

No Public Events Scheduled

Monday, December 28

No Public Events Scheduled

Still, in the last 120 days the governor has been more likely to have at least one event in front of the public than keep himself sequestered. Pawlenty has had "no public events scheduled" on his docket on 47 days since Aug. 26.

On some of those officially blank days, the governor, who appears to be gearing up for a run for president in 2012, has had political events that exposed him to the public and press. Those political events do not appear on his state-issued schedule.

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