It’s a new year and everyone has a new mission list.

What’s at the top of mine?  You guessed it -- get organized and get more exercise.

Ugh. Still, I’m committed to making a dent in those messy closets, stuffed toy totes and overflowing files. As well as block out time to burn more calories every day. But how will I squeeze in “Nashville” and “The Good Wife?”

I came up with a brilliant idea: declutter and work out at the same time.

Task: Drive to a store to buy a label maker, a must-have miracle gadget, says every organization expert.
Workout: Park really far away and walk to the entrance and then back to the car three times.

Task: Pull out towels, hair products, boxes of saline solution and Kleenex out of the hall closet and organize it all  in labeled totes.
Workout: Do jumping jacks for one minute.

Task:  Bend over file drawers, culling income tax records from 10 years ago to make room to file new paperwork from three years ago.
Workout:  Bend down and touch my toes 20 times.

Task: Sift through toy bins to determine what to keep and what to donate.
Workout: Do 10 squats by bending my knees and lowering  my body into a squat position as if  I were sitting in an imaginary chair.  Make sure I keep my knees above my ankles.

Task:  Clean the basement storage closet  of  “what was I thinking” ugly home accessories that will never, ever  grace a coffeetable again.

Workout: Stand an arm’s length from the workbench top and do 20 standing push-ups.
Task: Lug boxes of storage stuff down the basement stairs.
Workout: Run up and down the stairs 5 times.

That’s my plan and I’m sticking to it —  at least until Feb. 1.

What are some of your strategies for making your home clutter-free in the winter of 2013?