Readers Write (July 8): Fires and air quality, political correctness, immigration and guns and law and order, affordable housing

Days of haze are but a symptom of fossil-fuel dependence.
July 6

Readers Write (July 7): Political correctness in names and symbols, limiting sugary soft drinks in health care settings

Firefighter in Albert Lea parade made his point at what cost?
July 4

Readers Write (July 5): Sustainability, $300,000 restroom

Responses to Katherine Kersten’s commentary about the goals of campus sustainability.
July 3

Readers Write (July 4): Smoking, Mississippi River, Southwest LRT, bicyclists, sustainability

There’s still smoking where it shouldn’t be — even near a hospital.
July 2

Readers Write (July 3): Minnesota Sex Offender Program, Iran nuclear negotiations, Nicollet Mall traffic, symbolism and atonement

The Minnesota Sex Offender Program went from process to politicization.
July 2

Readers Write (July 6): The Great Toilet Seat Debate, U.S. Bank, U basketball coach's salary, coverage of women's sports, water quality, Lori Swanson

Why the burden is on men to raise the toilet seat.
July 1

Readers Write (July 2): The need for atonement, sex offender policies, the Supreme Court, renaming lakes, Nicollet Mall traffic, 'urban explorers'

Add, to Independence Day, a day of atonement.
June 30

Readers Write (July 1): Coin dealing, medical marijuana, the U.S. Supreme Court, the Catholic Church, the environment, K-9 abuse charges

Article gave the wrong impression about coin dealers in general.
June 29

Readers Write (June 30): U.S. Supreme Court, gay-rights timeline, bicyclists, K-9 abuse, medical research, 'sharing the wealth'

Understanding the rule of law, as opposed to the role of ideology.
June 28

Readers Write: (June 29): Koch brothers, living-wage jobs, proton therapy, Catholic women, Nicollet Mall, 'pet-friendly' condos and the $10 bill

Yes, they give to GOP, but also to many charitable causes.
June 27

Readers Write (June 28): The climate, justice and mercy, suburban poverty, veterans' health care

Let’s expand the 3 percent who are truly active about the climate.
June 26

Readers Write (June 25): Minnesota Sex Offender Program, the Confederate flag, Charleston shootings, Lake Calhoun, mining, the State Fair and obesity

The principal author of Minnesota's sex-offender legislation responds to ruling.
June 26

Readers Write: (June 27): Supreme Court rulings, marriage specifically, Lake Calhoun, garbage hauling

More has been lost than gained in rulings on ACA, marriage.
June 25

Readers Write: (June 26): Escaped prisoners, Kline on Iran, Minnesota politics, the Confederate flag, the ACA ruling, flavored tobacco

Regarding those escaped killers in New York: Life isn't all “CSI,” is it?
June 23

Readers Write (June 24): Environmental contractions, Lake Calhoun, Charleston shootings and campaign contributions, recycling, good deeds

We’re acting at cross-purposes. To wit: I-94 speed limit, Lebanon Hills trail plan.
June 22

Readers Write (June 23): Lake Calhoun, Charleston shootings and forgiveness, chiropractic care for kids, Minneapolis autism program, soccer stadium, 'bike-jerks,' repentance

Before worrying about South Carolina's Confederate flag, think about local symbols of oppression.
June 21

Readers Write: (June 22): St. Paul development, train safety, the Supreme Court, Donald Trump, Disney World, air travel

Let’s update St. Paul’s riverfront sites the right way.
June 20

Readers Write: (June 21): The Mississippi River, drunken driving, state Sen. John Marty, media bias

A “wilder” Mississippi is not the river we want.
June 19

Readers Write (June 20): Home construction, Charleston shootings, race and justice, race and learning, Pope Francis, U.S. currency

“Living large” by building huge homes is a choice, but a poor one.
June 18

Readers Write (June 19): The $10 bill, Metro Transit, the Supreme Court, international trade deals, cardiovascular screening, stadium naming rights

One reader supports Eleanor Roosevelt as the new face on the $10 bill. Another wants Hamilton to remain.
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