May 26

Readers Write: Safe driving, federal budget and AmeriCorps, opioids, Islam, President Trump

A few more tips for safe driving.
May 25

Readers Write: Star Tribune's 150th anniversary, media bias toward Trump, the president's budget proposal, Electoral College origins, renaming Lake Calhoun, renaming Ramsey Middle School

Free press needed then, and now.
May 24

Readers Write: Islamic terrorism, the Electoral College, Edina rent hike, Womenwinning

Call terrorism what it is:Islamic.
May 23

Readers Write: Circuses, entertaining and otherwise; Manchester attack; Trump presidency, Trump budget, Minneapolis mayoral race, Edina rent hike

One circus gone, others eternal.
May 22

Readers Write: Aging issues and the death of Roger Ailes, the exchange of ideas, the professionalism of teachers, the responsibilities of voters

Love or hate Roger Ailes, there's a humanity lesson in his death.
May 21

Readers Write: Bike lanes, Rep. Erik Paulsen's health care vote, women's issues, speech on campuses, U.S. Postal Service, renaming Lake Calhoun

Bike lanes make our lifestyle possible.
May 20

Readers Write: Passenger rail in Minnesota, post-incarceration, teacher licensure, the Trump presidency

Stay on board, Minnesota.
May 19

Readers Write: Buffer strips, Dayton veto of abortion bills, the Trump presidency, assimilation, the role of nonpublic schools

Given water quality, there's no time for delay.
May 18

Readers Write: Special counsel appointment, household debt, education funding, bike lanes, St. Paul's image, coverage of women's sports

We're all complicit in the Trump presidency.
May 17

Readers Write: So many views on so much "breaking news" on the Trump presidency; circumcision

So many views on so much "breaking news" on the Trump presidency.
May 16

Readers Write: Trump and intelligence, bike lanes in Minneapolis, bike paths in Edina, breast health, circumcision

Media was played, then overplays.
May 15

Readers Write: University of Minnesota sexual harassment investigation, the Trump administration, circumcision, Minnesota Chamber of Commerce

The leak vs. the right thing in harassment investigation.
May 13

Readers Write: Gun violence and 'Stand Your Ground' laws, ideological diversity, doomsday preppers

The issue is serious. Don't make it simplistic.
May 12

Readers Write: Communicating with constituents, health care, Russian influence, St. Olaf 'fabrication,' circumcision

Don't insult us with talking points.
May 12

Readers Write: U.S. Postal Service mail preview, rural air service, 'Tale of two Girards,' consumer protections on condos, University of Minnesota budget, immigrants in the restaurant industry

An unwanted cost? An invasion of privacy?
May 11

Readers Write: U.S. Rep. Jason Lewis on health care vote, for-profit HMOs, Gov. Dayton and the Legislature, environment protection and the Chamber of Commerce, college prep grants

"Journalism" goes into scare mode.
May 10

Readers Write: The Comey firing

One day in May could be a shift.
May 9

Readers Write: U.S. Rep. Erik Paulsen's health care vote, hearings on Russian influence

Congressman, please hear us out, too.
May 8

Readers Write (May 8): Minnesota Legislature, changing the name of Lake Calhoun, University of Minnesota leadership, Obama's postpresidency

The state already has a lean public workforce.
May 8

Readers Write: Keillor's reply regarding Lake Wobegon as Trump country, Minnesota's political geography, farmers vs. fens, American Health Care Act, French election, goat rescue, renaming Lake Calhoun

Muted support, with conditions.
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