Counterpoint: 'Modern mining' isn't the plan here

Counterpoint: 'Modern mining' isn't the plan here

Northern Minnesota proposal rejects the best environmental technology as high cost.

Counterpoint: Science shows crops are safe — to all but activists

August 26
Counterpoint: Science shows crops are safe — to all but activists
Reservations mislead when consensus and the facts are clear that genetic modification benefits people and the environment.

Counterpoint: I deserve a choice about dying

August 26
Counterpoint: I deserve a choice about dying
For 50 years I've fought a painful battle to live. But in the end, it's my decision.
Alyssa Rosenberg
This screenshot from WDBJ-TV7, in Roanoke, Va., shows reporter Alison...

Vester Flanagan's video and the inevitable live-streamed massacre

The show-off murderer is nothing new, but technology makes grotesque new exhibitionist options likely.
James Hron
August 26

Small number of planned debates is bad for Democrats

The party had a better handle on this during the 2008 election cycle. This time, Republicans are in front, and they are getting all the air.
August 26
Donald Trump supporters wait in line outside Ladd-Peebles Stadium hour...

What is Trumpism -- and how soon will it pass?

You can have Marxism without Marx, or Reaganism without Reagan. But Trump’s ‘philosophy’ is all, and only, about Trump.
Phyllis Kahn
August 25

I support GMO labeling, but not for the most-cited reason

The danger isn't to the U.S. consumer, but further up the chain.
John Freivalds
August 25

Lawn and order: Against the tyranny of the turf

We can't have yards the way we seem to like them and have pristine waters at the same time.
John Hannah
August 25

Obama's diplomacy is nowhere near on par with Reagan's

The difference? Nuclear deals consistent with America's red lines.
Ed Edmonds
August 25

Baseball must reduce the risk of fan injury

Line drives are a real danger. It's not enough to ask those in attendance to “pay attention.”
Marc Champion
August 25

French train rescue shows how heroes are made: With military training

Bravery alone often isn't enough, which brings us to today's topic — reinstituting the draft.
Heather Kennedy-Bordeaux
August 24

Excess in massage parlor sting operations is the ultimate abuse

These women — who receive too little of our empathy — deserved protection, too.
Sam Nunn and Andrew Bieniawski
August 24

The threat of a dirty-bomb attack is real

The latest risk is overseas, but there are plenty of concerns and implications right here at home.
Gary Lussier Jr.
August 24

Parents are overreacting to football risks

At the youth level, the dangers of brain injury are much lower than what happens in the NFL.
Megan McArdle
August 24

Voters seeking Superman are disappointed every time

They ceaselessly forget the difference between elections and governing.
Brent Scowcroft
August 24

Iran deal is a moment the U.S. can't miss

To put it bluntly, it's epochal.
Kevin Terrell
August 22

MSP airport planning: Let's not rush toward a future we'll hate

Thus far, long-range planning for this facility has been abysmal. Time to change that.
August 21

For Women's Equality Day, still more work is needed

Building upon recent progress in Minnesota, the to-do list for the 2016 Legislature will include paid family leave, earned sick days and more.
Noah Feldman
August 21

Where are the heirs to Julian Bond?

A generation needs new voices, and not just President Obama's.
August 21

Heroin use is on the rise, and feds are sending mixed signals on opioids

Why would FDA approve OxyContin for use by patients as young as 11 now?
Neeraj Mehta
August 21

Editorial counterpoint: The down side to gentrifying the North Side

A domino effect would push out the poor and people of color.
August 21

Dayton deserves credit for doing his due diligence on mining

However, he needs to realize that no two sites or operations are the same.
George F. Will
August 21

GOP on immigration: Now the party of oppressive government

I dare say that a victory is not in order, and that, frankly, it looks increasingly unlikely.
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