America, the land of opportunity? Not for me

America, the land of opportunity? Not for me

I'm overqualified, over 50 and vastly underemployed. But like many others today, I'm invisible. I never thought this would happen to me.
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University of Chicago recoils against political correctness on campus

August 28
The prominent university is rejecting "trigger warnings" and "safe spaces."

Let Gary Johnson participate in the first presidential debate

August 31
Voters deserve a chance to consider leading third-party candidate.
Susan Mallison
August 31

Threats replace political dialogue at State Fair

It used to be, in an election year, people could proudly wear T-shirts promoting their candidate. This year, I discovered, that is perilous.
Mary Pattock
August 31

Southwest light rail is transit done wrong, at enormous cost

The sensible things to do: Stop, cut losses, look for alternatives.
Sarah Esther Lageson
August 31

Counterpoint: The downside of highlighting crime on social media

We must carefully define when criminal punishment should begin and end.
Jared Bernstein
August 31

The shortcomings of TPP as a lame-duck deal

The Obama administration has shifted the emphasis to geopolitical benefits, which are dubious. Globalization won't stop if the TPP goes down.
Paul Farhi
August 31

How I lost my job over the national anthem

I was trying to make a point about patriotism, but the nuance of the message was lost.
Heidi Stevens
August 30

This Anthony Weiner blight: Who should be scolded and who shouldn't

Don't deflect blame toward Weiner's spouse — or her boss. It's his judgment at issue, not theirs.
Caitlin Dewey
August 30

Is Anthony Weiner's sexting an addiction, technically?

There's no scientific consensus on the pathology of this activity, or of Weiner's manifestation specifically.
Mike Fernandez
August 30

Don't oversimplify the immigration issue, but note the Minnesota impact

Aim for firm laws, humane actions and an engine of economic growth.
August 30

The best remedy for opioid abuse is fewer prescriptions

Doctors need to steer more patients to other types of treatments.
Paul Waldman
August 30

10 good questions for Hillary Clinton

That is, if she ever has another news conference.
Sharon Schmickle
August 30

Editorial counterpoint: What we lose if we lose the Clinton Foundation

Let's not recklessly lose sight of the vulnerable people it serves. Don't shut it down. Find a middle ground.
Steve Chapman
August 29

The 2016 campaign: Hillary forgets the lessons of Bill's presidency

President Clinton advanced liberal goals, chiefly by resisting liberal economic impulses.
Osamudia James
August 29

The 2016 campaign: How black people really live in America

Not in a dystopian hellhole, as Trump suggests. But then, he's just the messenger.
Stephen Baxter
August 29

Understanding the universe: When imagination leads the way

A planet orbiting our nearest star used to be science fiction. Now it's science.
Barry Glassner and Morton Schapiro
August 29

Protests on campus are a sign of progress

Colleges are America's true melting pots, and diversity and inclusion aren't easy.
Terry Wanzek
August 28

How using technology makes our family farm better

Thanks to innovations like GPS, drones and GMOs, we help put food on the table.
Willis Mattison
August 28

Counterpoint: Not red tape; Enbridge troubles with Sandpiper are self-inflicted

And it's not "metro-centric," either, it's concerned northern Minnesotans.
John C. "Chuck" Chalberg
August 26

What Minnesotan can learn from 'South Pacific'

Or, more precisely, what it can unlearn about racial views and superiority with help from a fine Guthrie Theater production.
Linda Qiu
August 26

PolitiFact: How one Clinton Foundation e-mail exchange blurred ethics lines

Hillary Clinton, then secretary of state, wasn't directly involved, but there were clear connections between her top aides and Clinton Foundation interests. That can't be spun.
August 26

A day of big events, and one on which to ponder big goals

Football, the State Fair — and maybe a future World Expo, right here in our state.
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