8 ways to help close Minnesota's wealth gap

8 ways to help close Minnesota's wealth gap

If we make the less fortunate a priority, we can improve the quality of life for all.

Al Franken and the sexual misconduct dilemma: You can't explain it all away

November 16
Al Franken and the sexual misconduct dilemma: You can't explain it all away
Some men are not irreplaceable — not even Sen. Franken.

Congress closing loopholes in college sports? Score!

November 16
House, Senate bills go after seat licenses and top coach salaries.
Kate Harding
6 minutes ago
Leeann Tweeden published allegations of unwanted groping, kissing by Sen. Al Franken on Thursday on the website of KABC Radio in Los Angeles.

Kate Harding: Sen. Franken must stay

The reality is, only Democrats are really champions of women's cause.

Michelle Goldberg: Franken must go

He, and that horrifying photo, are total liabilities in confronting the Trumps and Moores and encouraging other victims to come forward.
David Von Drehle
November 15

Silence from Christians won't do in the face of flamethrower Roy Moore

It's a travesty that Moore and his supporters have been allowed to hijack conservative Christianity.
Jim McDonough and Peter McLaughlin
November 15

Federal tax reform: Eliminating state and local deduction would hit Minnesota hard

Such a move would raise federal tax bills for many in the middle class and put pressure on state and local budgets – and services.
Lee Roper-Batker
November 15

A time and chance to say 'Enough!' and end sexual harassment and violence

Social media allows all women to make our voices heard. We also need men, silent too often, to join us as partners in changing culture.
November 14

Democrats shouldn't assume success in 2018

Among other things, the party is at a 25-year low in popularity.
Ruth Marcus
November 14

A pickle for Republicans: Believe Moore's accusers, but not Trump's?

The most credible answer to this is the one that can't be spoken aloud.
John P. James
November 14

Federal tax reform, a hit on Minnesota cabin owners? That's not the half of it.

Federal proposals would add to state tax absurdities. The impact would be felt across cabin country. Contact your senators and representatives. Pound the table.
Heidi Stevens
November 14

Let's hold the 'huzzahs' for Louis C.K.

He sounds more like he's playing the role of Remorseful Guy.
Garrison Keillor
November 14

Garrison Keillor: Autumn in New York

It's good to be old. Every day is an adventure.
Daniel W. Drezner
November 14

Concept of adulthood appears to vary by convenience in American politics

The teenagers Roy Moore is accused of having pursued were "legal age of consent at the time." But Donald Trump Jr., who was pushing 40 when he had a meeting with Russians during the campaign, was just a "kid."
Beth Wiberg Barbosa
November 13

Tax reform: Cutting deduction for spousal maintenance will hurt children

Having the deduction available often eases negotiations and results in better outcomes for all affected.
David M. Perlman
November 13

Counterpoint: Why buying a home is better than renting

A home is more than just an investment. But it's also a good investment.
Bethany Bradley
November 13

My year as an activist: Encouragement from a novice in Minnesota

After the frustration of the 2016 election, the success of the Women's March was exhilarating. But it was only the beginning of the work we must do.
November 13

It's possible the Obama administration rushed Cuba deal

It's hard to argue with Trump administration's move to end money flow.
Philip Bump
November 13

For Roy Moore's insistent defenders: Here's why now

Because that's when an important story about a man who is right now seeking election to the Senate was unearthed, researched and vetted.
Paul John Scott
November 12

Our digital dystopia: A diary

Will we one day regret all this change in the media landscape? Answer to come.
Doug Wilhide
November 11

Veterans Day: Remember all who served, the lofty and the grunts alike

Most of us don't see ourselves as heroes, and you don't need to, either. But by all means, pause and think about every vet.
John Rash
November 10

Rash Report: Cuba trade embargo empowers hardliners

A pair of Minnesotans in Congress from opposite sides of the aisle agree that the decades-old U.S. policy is counterproductive.
Tim O’Neil
November 10

Integrate veterans fully to energize entrepreneurship

With their experience, they have what it takes to fuel business growth. Here are ways to help give them the chance.
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