Counterpoint: In support of single-payer: What if we treated schools like we do hospitals?

Such an illogical system would cost more, not less. Our universal Minnesota Health Plan would provide better care, put patients first.

Mark Twain's newest book is one for the ages

September 24
An unfinished children's tale completed in collaboration with the great writer's ghost reflects his concern for the welfare of humanity.

Churches deserve federal emergency aid 'like everyone else'

September 25
After Harvey, they shouldn't be punished for nonprofit status.
David Siegel
September 25

Key facts were omitted in argument backing city's fees on developers

Courts rightly found Woodbury had no basis to charge developers for road improvements unrelated to a proposed subdivision.
Constanze Stelzenmüller
September 25

Elections in Germany generate an alarming outcome

Inroads by a radical right-wing party leave German democracy facing its hardest test in decades.
Cass R Sunstein
September 25

Trump is right about 'political correctness,' wrong to push it on NFL

Free speech is what makes America great — let's all show more respect for that.
Carter Averbeck
September 24

Downtown Minneapolis once was a great place to live. No more.

I moved there 17 years ago. It felt secure, energetic, promising. No more.
Jamie Nabozny
September 22

Giving Minnesota's homeless young people hope

Investing in programs like YouthLink upfront will pay dividends later for the thousands, like I once was, who are living on the streets.
September 22

Ethics fly out the window in Trump White House

HHS Secretary Price needs to be told job doesn't come with private jet.
D.J. Tice
September 22

Sex Offender Program puts Minnesota in the spotlight again

This time it will be the U.S. Supreme Court gazing at us in the harsh context of MSOP.
September 22

Is Minnesota the victim of a dirty deal on health care?

It appears that the federal government was not the most reliable partner.
Linden Smith
September 22

People need to be allowed to grieve when grieving is in order

But society doesn't want this. In a pain-killing, "feel good" era, simple deep grief has become a modern leprosy.
John Rash
September 22

Rash Report: Merkel, Germany seem ready for a reassuring election

A stable nation and leader look to emerge further as a geopolitical force, but a rising right-wing party may mar the outcome.
Harlan Anderson
September 22

Beware the silent protesters, the ones in the voting booth

You won't hear much about it in the media, and we aren't out rioting and shutting down freeways, but we expressed our frustration by electing — and continuing to support — President Trump.
September 22

Reacting to run of disasters with compassion, constructive analysis

And let's remember to fully fund the National Weather Service.
John Kass
September 22
Victor Gonzales shouts with a crowd before a speaking engagement by Be...

On campus, freedom is as good as dead.

We've taught our children well -- to fear and to silence ideas they dislike. A new survey shows intolerance is one subject they've mastered.
September 21

Politics in Norway may be confusing, but life remains good

The coalition government does need to grapple with immigration, Russia.
Marguerite Mingus
September 21

You call it 'fleeing'; I call it parent empowerment

I didn't leave the Minneapolis Public Schools impulsively in the dark of night. It took tough, deliberate choices that put my kids first.
Doug Loon
September 21

Local government needs to butt out of wage and sick leave mandates

Private-sector employee benefits are beyond the authority of cities like Minneapolis.
Andrew Mathews
September 21

We stand firm on Legislature's right to exist

Here are three key points to consider during court-ordered mediation over state powers.
Editorial Board
September 21

Why must we politicize EVERYTHING?

From nearly every entertainment awards show to nearly every sporting event, the ideological droning of left-leaning one-percenters is getting old.
September 20

Don't weaken regulation of gun silencers

It'll only make it easier for criminals to carry out deadly attacks.
David Rothkopf
September 20

Trump at the U.N.: Stark words sounded more like a mob boss than a statesman

Shocking vision of America's role in the world was unlike that of any of Trump's predecessors.
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