Barbara Bush: A millennial making a difference

Barbara Bush: A millennial making a difference

The former president’s daughter and five friends began brainstorming about how to help recruit more people to global health. The result is Global Health Corps, a booming endeavor.

The attack of the killer passwords

July 24
The attack of the killer passwords
Why can’t I just use my dog’s name and the date of the Steelers’ first Super Bowl?

On superheroes, social media and society

July 17
On superheroes, social media and society
“Batkid Begins” documentary depicts Americans eager to see, and do, good.

Jeep hacking incident shows the risk of Internet-connected cars

The auto industry needs to identify and respond to growing vulnerabilities.
Justin Fox

This Nutrition Facts label contains little clarity

The FDA is making a muddle of nutrition labeling. Case in point: The new rules about added sugar.
Joanne Slavin

U nutritionist: Keep dietary guidance evidence-based

Those responsible for making recommendations ought to forget the politics and get back to sound science.
Karen Louise Boothe Acharya

No plastic bags? It's already the law in Rwanda

Not just the letter of the law, but also the spirit — and it gives that once-shattered country a sense of vitality.

Hillary Clinton, vulnerable?

Two Washington Post columnists assess.
Ruth Marcus

Hillary Clinton and e-mails: A mess, but not a scandal

Still, the candidate has only herself to blame.
Michael Gerson

Democrats and Hillary Clinton: Coronating a wounded queen?

The arguments that she is a weak candidate are getting stronger, but they’re still a reach.
Marshall H. Tanick
July 27

Oh, just revoke Bill Cosby's Presidential Medal of Freedom already

Obama says there’s “no precedent.” He doesn’t need one, but if he insists …
Steven H. Miles
July 27

Fetal research both saves and betters lives

Consider some of the treatments that are available today because of it.
Doug Berman and Mark Osler
July 27

Obama's categorical reduction of sentences has precedent

His response to the consequences of the war on drugs uses an authority that would find favor with his predecessors, including the framers.
Noah Feldman
July 27

What if Obama can't close Guantanamo?

The damage to the U.S. reputation is already done, but damage to the integrity of its legal system is ongoing.
Dominic Basulto
July 26

Why we should not get tough on hacking

Laws that go too far would have a chilling effect on innovation.
Chris Stewart
July 26

U.S. must fight back against cyberattacks

Strategies should include accountability, deterrence and punishment.
Dick Meyer
July 26

Artificial stupidity mops up intelligence

So you think your machine is so smart? Think again.
Jennifer Weiner
July 24

She hated to be at camp, and she had means to inform us

Text messaging amplifies the meaning of “you’re only as happy as your unhappiest child.”
Peter M. Leschak
July 24

The future of work in a digital world

High tech can do a lot, but can it do so with meaning? It’s good to be engaged in an act of labor — to have a purpose, a future. Even the machines might (one day) think so.
July 24

Minnesota's cities are well aware that something's missing

That would be local government aid, at a level that's useful.
July 24

Long-shot presidential candidates with potential: John Kasich

The practical Ohio governor deserves a chance. Take it from a Minnesota centrist who knows — Tim Penny.
Steve Chapman
July 24

Long-shot presidential candidates with potential: Martin O'Malley

He isn't well-known, but Democrats should familiarize themselves. He fills a sweet spot between Clinton, Sanders.
July 24

Adequate capital, not bank breakup, is best way to address 'too big to fail'

The U.S. financial system has become less bailout-prone under Dodd-Frank.
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