Counterpoint: Enbridge's new Line 3 simply disregards the Ojibwe people

Counterpoint: Enbridge's new Line 3 simply disregards the Ojibwe people

The pipeline "compromise" shows willful ignorance of Native history and rights.

Combat translators spoke for us. Now we must speak for them.

July 21
Combat translators spoke for us. Now we must speak for them.
Our allies' combat translators deserve special visas, "honorary veteran" status.

Liberalism: More essential than ever

July 21
Liberalism: More essential than ever
Yes, it faces a crisis of confidence. But we must acknowledge that external threats are more severe.
Mark Osler
41 minutes ago

Presidential pardon power: Trump takes aim at Constitution's soul

Seemingly uninhibited by his conscience, he's at least considering acts that would be historic abuses of his power.
Larry Pogemiller
41 minutes ago

Counterpoint: Are two years after high school better, or four? Both.

Minnesota needs educated, trained and experienced workers at all levels.
Paul Anton and
42 minutes ago

Minnesota regulators should update how we tally pollution's costs

The social effects of burning fossil fuels are real expenses. Minnesota has accounted for them for two decades, but the Public Utilities Commission should vote to strengthen the calculation.
Richard Greelis

What part of police shootings are the chief's fault?

There are three ways to answer the question, among all of the other things recent events have given us to think about.
Fredrik deBoer

An ideological crisis of support for higher education

Polls show that Republicans doubt the value of colleges of universities. That's a problem, because dominate government. And it's become a problem, at least in part, because liberals dominate academia.
Larry J. Sabato and Philip Shenon

Trump has a chance to dispel one of the greatest conspiracy theories in U.S. history

Additional documents pertaining to the JFK assassination are due to be released in October. By law, the president (and only the president) can stop this, but he should not do so.
Laura Goodman
July 24

What would it take to really change the police culture?

For starters, political leaders shouldn't undercut the effort. Other solutions: more female officers and a better understanding of what we're getting for our training dollars.
Lori Hodapp
July 24

Police training: Some background on that 'fast-track' program

The effort, as originated and as still applied in many agencies, is quite stringent. Where training fails, it's not because of the program.
James Gibney
July 24

Why did the Germans hold off at Dunkirk?

We may never know for sure, although we can speculate. In any case, it changed the war.
Amber Phillips
July 24

Why Jared Kushner is a central piece of the Trump-Russia puzzle

Five reasons his testimony before Congress on Monday and Tuesday is crucial.
D.J. Tice
July 24

After latest Twin Cities-area police shooting, a look at perceptions is warranted

Polling shows large gaps in views of public, police.
July 22

The context is what matters when Trump chats with Putin

Suspicion over administration's Russia ties colors the conversations.
July 21
Dr. Penny Wheeler, Chief Clinical Officer at Allina Hospitals & Clinic...

In Minnesota, would home-grown health care cost containment have better odds?

Health care policy punt to states may be welcomed.
Steve Cramer
July 21

Leftward, whoa! Balance needed in Minneapolis politics

The city of Minneapolis is losing its balance under the influence of liberal activists. Here are more-even approaches to tackling four key municipal issues.
July 21

To fight poverty, think smaller

The big ideas are needed, but obstacles often could be better addressed with tweaks.
July 21

Researchers are making progress on understanding dementia

Causes are becoming clearer, but prevention is a more difficult challenge.
July 21

The best time to address looming Social Security crisis was before now

But given the delay, Congress needs to act as soon as possible.
Jennifer Rubin
July 21

Trump's presidency is doomed. (But how, exactly, will it end?)

Here are five possible scenarios for the disaster tale that will soon rush toward a climax.
Nate Cathcart
July 21

Counterpoint: Magical fishing? Anecdotes are no substitute for facts

How many almighty walleye are enough? 10? 20? All you armchair biologists debating "unfair" rules on Mille Lacs have work to do.
John Rash
July 21

Rash Report: What 'Dunkirk' displays about Britain, then and now

A temporary retreat from a hostile continent during wartime to a permanent Brexit divorce from today's welcoming Europe.
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