Wake up and see the Trump card: He can win

Wake up and see the Trump card: He can win

The chattering classes have been predicting the candidate's demise for months. Here are 5 reasons why these pundits are still wrong.

If Bill Clinton becomes 'first gentleman,' what will he be wearing?

May 20
And it's good to know he won't just be doing the usual literacy or physical fitness causes.

Getting more travelers into PreCheck program

May 23
That's one way to address growing airport security system overload.
Doyle McManus
May 23

Obama's pivot to Asia is working

Almost every country in the region is clamoring for a closer relationship with the U.S.
Richard Greelis
May 23

Brooklyn Park police video: Shift from civility to survival mode can be needed in an instant

If police officers have learned anything, it's that they can never count on their adversaries to act logically.
Charlie Auspos
May 23

Wheelock Whitney had influence, all right – the best kind

Businessman cared most about people, and that was what I learned as a young recruit.
Don Wright
May 23

Treatment costs: Don't jeopardize my health to fix health care

Because life, even with a serious illness like multiple myeloma, is a marathon worth running.
Fred Hiatt
May 23

Obama's approach in the Middle East is fatalistic

He just couldn't bring himself to adopt what might work best — persistent, long-term engagement.
Peter J. Nelson and Dale Kurschner
May 20

Counterpoint: Minnesota is, in fact, losing the ultrarich

And with 2013 tax hike, fewer affluent folks are moving here.
Mark Ostrem
May 20

There's still time for Legislature to fix sentencing reform

We need to get it right: more help for low-level drug offenders and tougher penalties for big dealers.
John Rash
May 20

Rash Report: How propaganda propped up China's Cultural Revolution

Posters from a chaotic era depict China's descent into political, cultural calamity.
May 20

Global homogenization: Wherever you go these days, there you are, where you were

A world is taking shape that never wants you to stand in awe before mystery.
Louis Jacobson
May 20

PolitiFact: Facts few, worries plentiful on $15 minimum wage

It's uncharted, even in terms of estimates about job losses vs. livability gains.
D.J. Tice
May 20

A political party crack-up? Change is a constant in politics, too

The rugs on which political parties stand have been pulled repeatedly throughout American history.
May 20

Watch that turnover in the Minnesota Legislature

Experience matters, and thus, so does legislator pay.
Ron Way
May 20

What's the matter with golf today?

The game's governing body and traditionalists have stuck with rules and procedures that make it difficult, expensive, time-consuming — unapproachable. There are ways to change that.
May 20

Satellites could aid efforts to address global warming

Space agencies could monitor if countries are honoring Paris accord.
Anne Applebaum
May 20

A world without facts

The boom in fact-checking is more a symptom than a cure for an era that doesn't believe in truth, or care about it.
K.B. Brown, Lynn Hoffman and Nyijaah Williams
May 19

Editorial counterpoint: Paid sick time will serve Minneapolis workers — and businesses

Rehashed downtown talking points ignore the comprehensive process for the ordinance.
Bob Kroll
May 19

Editorial counterpoint: Really, a 'slowdown'? The facts about cops

City leaders are the ones making it difficult for Minneapolis police.
May 19

Lessons from 1968: Bernie Sanders needs to put snide aside

The Democratic challenger's criticisms of Clinton could come back to haunt; they'd be bludgeons out of the mouth of Donald Trump.
Jared Bernstein
May 19

Obama's executive actions will work 'overtime' to help the working class

New overtime rule is one of Obama's most progressive and sensible policies -- and Congress never would have done it.
May 18

Nothing says 'America' like a foreign-owned beer

When Budweiser urges us to lift a cold one in the name of patriotism, that says as much about us as it does about the marketing game.