Rash Report: Barack and Michelle, before president and first lady

Rash Report: Barack and Michelle, before president and first lady

Newly released film "Southside With You" depicts a relatability mostly missing this election season.

A troubling response to Minnesota students' flat MCA test scores

August 26
A troubling response to Minnesota students' flat MCA test scores
The results provide measurements and offer a road map to college. The growing "opt-out" movement, however, thwarts progress.

Burkini ban lays bare France's cultural agony

August 21
Burkini ban lays bare France's cultural agony
Wearing the modest swimwear for Muslim women is not in itself a political statement. The reason behind it is not for officials to decide.
August 25

Giuliani's claims about Clinton's health are unhealthy

He's got no real evidence that Democratic nominee is ill.
Ruth Marcus
August 25

Clinton connections: No smoking guns, but plenty of rubber bullets

Obliging a donor is not necessarily criminal, but if you're in a role that would seem to call for the utmost care in avoiding the perception of favoritism …
Heidi Seltz
August 25

Counterpoint: Tips for women's safety? Try these instead

Given the many news threads about sexual assault, of which the recent attacks on female joggers are only the latest, a list that's been circulated online says it better.
Greg Davids and Paul Torkelson
August 25

Counterpoint: Dayton chooses light rail over some pretty good legislation

Good leaders would direct their attention to where they can help, not to where they'll meet head-on with unaddressed costs and litigation.
James Stavridis
August 25

We need to be ready for 21st-century biology

We can see the challenges of responding to superbugs like Ebola and Zika. Now imagine them turned into weapons.
Alyssa Rosenberg
August 25

What EpiPens mean to me

They're my armor against disaster. They shouldn't be priced like a luxury.
Michael Printy Arthur
August 24

Progressives should give Trump a fair look on trade, immigration

Especially if they want to do right for Mexico's least fortunate.
Ruth Wood
August 24

Your brain on steroids: A bigger problem than we know

A typical user is not necessarily an Olympian, and consequences abound.
Dean Burnett
August 24

Your brain on drugs, revisited and revised

The fried-egg metaphor was always simplistic. Effects vary from drug to drug and user to user. Our efforts to treat and prevent must acknowledge that complexity.
A.J. Delgado
August 24

Why Latinos should vote for Trump

Immigration isn't our main concern; jobs are, and on that count, he's our man. That's not all.
Michael McFaul
August 24

Why Putin would vote for Trump …

… and, in a sense, may. He likes the policies, he likes the prospect of a distracted America and he doesn't like the opponent.
August 23

Another Trump conspiracy: voter fraud

Despite lack of evidence, he questions election legitimacy.
Shawntera Hardy
August 23

Counterpoint: State is on task regarding new workforce rules for the disabled

This is an urgent but huge transformation. The Department of Employment and Economic Development is prepared.
Mathews Hollinshead
August 23

Southwest light rail: Eliminate the political veto of a practical need

Business leaders must do more to eject obstructionists from legislative power. Metro Transit must have the independence to do its work. Now is the time.
Dave Van Hattum
August 23

Southwest light rail: Despite House intransigence, governor must secure local funding

We cannot stop pushing the Legislature on all modes of transportation to benefit all Minnesotans, but for this project, a federal deadline looms.
Daniel W. Drezner
August 23

What is it about Henry Kissinger that has put him back on the charts?

He's got Clinton's ear. He's got Trump's … time. Well, I'd be wary, based on Kissinger's actual record.
Paula Dwyer
August 22

Clinton and Trump are both wrong about corporate taxes

He takes a good idea too far. She dismisses research suggesting that workers end up bearing the cost.
Ed Rogers
August 22

A Clinton Foundation ditty — it goes something like this

If Hillary Clinton wins, the foundation will not accept foreign money. Until it does.
Toni Easterson
August 22

Counterpoint: May the old days endure — selectively

Much to admire of America, but there's also much to be rid of.
Paul Krugman
August 22

There's nothing wrong with Obamacare that couldn't be easily fixed

All it would take is for bipartisanship solution-making rather than partisan blocking.
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