Thoughts from a 32-year teacher, now retired

Thoughts from a 32-year teacher, now retired

It's not an easy profession, but do not doubt that those who practice it are dedicated to the task.

Iran nuclear deal: Preauthorizing the use of force is a bad idea

August 31
If the U.S. needs to show resolve, it can do so within its existing constitutional procedures.

Ohioans need to come to grips with Mount McKinley name change

September 2
What if Cuyahoga Valley National Park had been named after Sarah Palin?
Steve Chapman

It's not a cliché to say Republicans are stuck in the past on race

Put simply, most Democrats sympathize with African-American grievances. Most Republicans don't.
Martin Schram

Journalist-moderators, you've got a job to do

Stop playing gotcha in televised presidential debates and start fostering, you know, debate.
Martha Wegner
September 2

What does Black Lives Matter want from the average white citizen?

The answer, from at least one young black man, is this: Just to be acknowledged.
Michael McNally
September 2

Indian fishing and wild-rice harvesting, in context

It's helpful to know the history of treaty rights and violations, among other injustices.
Sean Kershaw
September 2

In defense of the Met Council and regional planning

Remember, our future competitors have mountains and oceans, and our predecessors had sewage in their groundwater. That’s not to say we can’t address concerns about our current governance.
Mike Ervin
September 2

No Labor Day telethon? Good riddance

For those with muscular dystrophy, the message was never a comfortable one.
Rachel Marsden
September 2

Clinton e-mail dump is popcorn-worthy

Some tidbits from the record of the woman who would be president.
Al Franken and TAMMY BALDWIN
September 1

Al Franken, Tammy Baldwin: Avoiding an oil train explosion shouldn't be a matter of luck

We’re pressing for an approach to safety that’s all-of-the-above.
September 1

Why we need an impartial Federal Reserve

Central bank must be independent, even in the face of intense lobbying.
Charlie Weaver
September 1

Minnesota's business leaders know Donald Trump's immigration plan is bad policy

It's provocative, but it would be damaging for businesses in Minnesota and elsewhere.
Judy Wright
September 1

Women and culture: Hannah Montana is dead

Well, she never really existed, did she? But talk about your BFLs (“big fat lies” — I think I just made that up). For five…
Larry Levitt
September 1

Health care reform, GOP-style

Policy ideas call for less regulation, less spending, less help for those with low incomes.
Noah Feldman
September 1

First-Amendment-free in front of the Supreme Court?

So says an appellate court, for all practical purposes, in a poorly judged decision.
August 31

Cable, satellite firms have too much control over set-top

FCC should adopt new rules to create more competition, help consumers.
Andy Parker
August 31

Ending gun violence is my purpose now

My daughter was killed on live television. I will do whatever it takes.
Sam Tanenhaus
August 31

Jesse Jackson created the Democratic Party as we know it

It's a parallel, of sorts, to Barry Goldwater and Republicans. And Jackson's moment has come again.
Jim Abeler
August 30

Let's hit the 'reset' button on UCare

Instead of throwing 475,000 off state programs, take time out to get it right.
Monte Bute
August 30

The dangers of groupthink

Strict conformity of opinion is the enemy of intellectual liberty — and both conservatives and liberals fall into this trap.
John Kass
August 30

Mock the Trumpians — at your peril

Sure, the true believers are an easy target. But don't underestimate their thirst for populist answers.
Barbara Reynolds
August 28

Why our '60s crowd is wary of Black Lives Matter

Baby boomers want to support the new movement, but disagree with its tactics.
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