The constitutional crisis that almost was

The constitutional crisis that almost was

The shootings at a baseball field nearly triggered a crisis of governance, because they could have left uncertainty over the majority status in the House.

Bernie Sanders, the left, Christianity and the Constitution

Specifically, how far will the left go to neutralize Christianity? Consider the de facto leader of the Democratic Party, Bernie Sanders.

Russia, U.S. should take more care in the air

Using fighter jets to send messages could get out of hand.
Charlotte A. Tschider
June 22

Hacking as civil disobedience: A dichotomy for Americans

Although it's fueled by a cultivated institutional distrust, it is illegal. This is true even though the definition of data as property is tangled.
Jennifer Rubin
June 22

Six considerations as the Senate weighs in on health care

Which Republican senators will walk the plank for a rotten bill?
Gordon C. Everest
June 22

Regarding health care: Maneuver away, but these are the unavoidable basics

Our predicament is not going to be solved by the proposals we're hearing.
John Podesta and Brian Katulis
June 22

Trump's silent surge in the Middle East — and the slippery slope to war

In just five months, the president has moved U.S. troops closer to the front lines in complex fights in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Somalia.
George P. Shultz and Lawrence H. Summers
June 22

Carbon dividends: The climate solution that's best for the environment and business alike

This idea is gaining traction, especially in light of the president's decision on the Paris Agreement. It could move faster than you think.
June 21

Colorado dad says smartphones turned his kids into zombies

Now he wants state to become first to ban sales to those younger than 13.
Steve Minn
June 21

Minneapolis, it's not just restaurants: $15 minimum wage would hit affordable housing, too

Our options for adjusting to new costs are limited. Businesses of all sizes need some flexibility.
James Densley and Jillian Peterson
June 21

Verdict in police shooting of Philando Castile: The fear defense should have us all afraid

Why? Because it's emotional, not a rational assessment of danger. And police officers are trained to be particularly susceptible.
Eric Kaler and Brian Burnett
June 21

University of Minnesota leaders: Why our budget had to include a tuition hike

The Legislature did not provide the investment required to hold tuition flat for the state's students. But we believe in that investment and have set a challenging course.
John R. Kasich and John W. Hickenlooper
June 21

John Kasich, John Hickenlooper: A two-party approach to health care

One-party solutions are not sustainable. As governors of Ohio and Colorado, respectively, we find the following principles necessary for effective reform.
Tim Cullen and Dale Schultz
June 21

We, a D and an R in Wisconsin, both disdain gerrymandering

As former leaders of the state Senate, we support the lawsuit that will be argued before the U.S. Supreme Court. Wisconsin citizens aren't getting the balanced government they want.
Multiple authors
June 21

Police shooting of Castile: In Falcon Heights, we were jolted into knowing we needed change

Our citizens group has learned over the past year that progress with city officials is possible, though it requires persistence.
June 20

Asian-American rock band wins free speech victory from U.S. Supreme Court

The court rightly sided with a group named the Slants in trademark case.
Richard Cohen
June 20

In full context, that Minnesota budget looks troubling

Too often both Republican and DFL legislators fail to take into account what is happening beyond the state's borders.
Scott Jensen
June 20

Vultures and self-righteousness: Impressions from my freshman year in the Minnesota Legislature

Here are seven observations and four ways we can do better.
Garrison Keillor
June 20

Garrison Keillor: I'm a liberal with some conservative tendencies, and that tells me ...

That the tables will turn. Meanwhile, our story starts with a pit stop …
Thom Amundsen
June 20

Justice seemed nearly certain, but we white people don't always understand

I felt as if I had come to know Philando, but I had forgotten one simple truth.
Thomas W. Wexler
June 19

Verdict in police shooting of Philando Castile: Our legal system is imperfect, and yet it is the best there is

In the wake of a difficult case, here are things that are important to keep in mind.
June 19

The high cost of single-payer health care

To realize the dream, those in medical industry, including doctors, would likely have to get paid less, and patients would have to accept different standards of access and comfort. There is little evidence most Americans are willing to accept such tradeoffs.
Marshall H. Tanick
June 16

Yanez outcome predictable due to wrong charges

But the officer is not off the hook yet: He may very well face federal criminal charges of violating Philando Castile's civil rights.
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