Bel-Air becomes flashpoint between wealthy and homeless

Bel-Air becomes flashpoint between wealthy and homeless

A wildfire in this wealthy part of Los Angeles could be a call to action on housing and services.

Let's not get too cozy in our house of outrage

December 15
Sure, Roy Moore was defeated and other things are lining up for the anti-Trump camp. Are we winning? That depends.

Honoring the aged: Advice from a son and doctor

December 17
Advice from a son and doctor.
December 15

Don't let crucial anti-terrorism tool die

Congress must reauthorize provision to allow the FBI to connect the dots in gathering intelligence about possible threats to the U.S.
December 15

ISIS is losing on the battlefield, but it's not dead yet

Suicide bombings are becoming a greater threat to U.S. cities.
John Rash
December 15

Rash Report: Politics increasingly defining states' images

The potential impact on Alabama's reputation may have spurred some Republicans to say "no Moore."
December 15

With one-page 'analysis,' Treasury must be joking

Department offers a superficial look at federal tax reform.
Tim Cook and Charles Koch
December 15

Apple, Koch Industries both support 'dreamers'

Our country should not hold hardworking, patriotic people hostage to a complex policy debate we've not yet resolved.
December 15

How do evangelicals recover from that Roy Moore ride?

"No one will believe a word we say, perhaps for a generation. Christianity's integrity is severely tarnished."
D.J. Tice
December 15

Yes, Virginia, Santa's season is the most realistic time of the year

Adults often don't realize just how much they pretend the rest of the time.
Leigh Currie and Melissa Hortman
December 15

What Minnesota can do now to regain leadership on climate change

As delegates to a global summit in Germany, we saw firsthand how other states and cities are stepping up their efforts.
December 14

Garrison Keillor: A few thoughts, in limerick, from a Mayo Clinic O.R.

When you come to the hospital, you come back to basics.
December 14

Five years after Newtown, little has changed on gun laws

If anything, the NRA has become more emboldened.
Douglas J. Feith
December 14

Jerusalem: Recognizing the capital could help bring peace

But first, how we got here and what it will take for Palestinian leaders to compromise.
Mary Christine Bader
December 14

Jerusalem: With Trump declaration, 100 years of meddling

The president bookended the 1917 Balfour Declaration, a testament to imperialism.
Ramesh Ponnuru
December 14

In the Trump-Media War, both sides are losing

Credibility on all sides is in a state of collapse.
Steven F. Hayward
December 13

The high cost of our failing wind policies

Why Minnesota's electricity costs are above the U.S. average and emissions are rising.
David Von Drehle
December 13

In Alabama, we just may have hit bottom and started back up

Democrat Doug Jones' victory over Roy Moore is not about Doug Jones. It's about rejecting what Donald Trump and Steve Bannon have been peddling.
Barbara Nylen
December 13

Counterpoint: Hey, L.A., you can have our bike lanes

Reader sending "advice" may want to ride an ambulance down our vehicle-clogged Minneapolis streets.
Marc A. Thiessen
December 13
Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Doug Jones speaks to reporters af...

Steve Bannon works a wonder: electing a Democrat in Alabama

The magic formula? Force conservative Christians to choose between a pro-abortion radical and a child molester.
Clara Jeon
December 12

Concerted call for Franken's resignation was proper response to system needing change

"Due process?" Women are tired of seeing things go in favor of the accused.
Brent Olson
December 12

Advice to the important people, from those who also matter

Here's what's up with the ones who get form letters back when they write to their congressperson.
Robin Abcarian
December 12

It's Trump's turn for a reckoning

His accusers are back, and this time they're demanding that Congress do something.
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