Aretha Franklin, at the Kennedy Center in Washington in 2011. In 2015, her performance there brought President Barack Obama to tears.

Aretha Franklin: Now, as always, a star among stars

When she came to Atlanta, I had to go. At 72, the Queen of Soul didn't let us down.

Backlash to Trump, rightward shift could cost GOP in elections across the states

The party looks vulnerable in a number of governor's races, which carries major implications for redistricting.

Clergy child abuse: Church must be cleansed, which demands an outside investigation

Scandals, coverups and silence make repentance and accountability a must.
Rolf Fure

A terrible link: 'Too much to drink' and sexual assault

It's estimated about half of cases involve alcohol consumption by perpetrator, victim or both. Note that stat, plus people's stories – and a certain song.
Rex Huppke
August 17
Photo illustration

Dear Mr. President: Please stop referring to humans as 'dogs'

Take it from me, a good dog, a VERY good dog, it doesn't make any sense, though I'm guessing it's meant to be insulting. Thanks; that's a good human.
August 16

What if white supremacists had a rally and no one (almost) showed up?

That's what happened in D.C., and it says a lot about fringe groups.
John Kass
August 16
President Donald Trump is reacting to the upcoming book by former White House staffer and former reality TV star Omarosa Manigault Newman.

The wrath of Omarosa

She's all Trump's fault. And she burns so hot and bright the media can ignore everything that really matters.
Stefanie Chambers
August 16
Ilhan Omar could become the first Somali-American member of the U.S. House.

In winning U.S. House primary, Ilhan Omar breaks barriers and sets an example

Her effort offers an inspiring story of new Americans thriving in our democracy.
Bruce Feirstein
August 16
Actor Idris Elba, shown in character from the show “Luther” on BBC America, has been mentioned as an 007 candidate.

Film and culture: Bring on the black James Bond

There's much ado about the idea, which isn't new and isn't surprising. But it is time.
George F. Will
August 15

In N.C., patients lose as government runs interference

A doctor wants to add an MRI machine that would help lower costs. A law favoring entrenched interests is impeding his effort.
Lee Roper-Batker
August 15

A much-needed spotlight starts shining more brightly on gender-based violence in our state

The #MeToo movement provided a platform to open hearts and minds. Now we must all look within and act to effect change.
Mitch Daniels
August 14

I'm a true believer in government transparency — but maybe we've overdone it

Sunshine has indeed been good for government. But we're starting to see an obsessiveness that has brought downsides.
Ramesh Ponnuru
August 14

Wages have stagnated for years? A couple of caveats

A report says our average pay is the same as it was four decades ago. But the report doesn't cover benefits, and it overadjusts for inflation.
Catherine Reid Day
August 14

Planning for 2040: We must come together; our future depends on it

Clustering more closely and increasing the density of our cities will leave space for the rest of life to have a fighting chance. It's a bold vision, but the stakes are great.
August 13

To be perfectly direct, about Trump's proposed border wall …

Ill-conceived, ineptly implemented.
Petula Dvorak
August 13
A group of anti-fascism demonstrators marched on Saturday in anticipation of the anniversary of last year's Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville,

On Sunday, anti-fascists fueled the foolishness, and nastiness

At Unite the Right, black-clad antifa again gave peaceful protesters a bad name.
Graham Brink
August 13
Uber, Lyft and other ride-hailing services account for the majority of the nation’s for-hire rides, carrying 2.61 billion passengers in 2017, compar

Do Uber, Lyft and other ride-hailing services really help ease traffic congestion?

Despite popular belief, the sad answer is no, according to a new report. And they've actually made things worse. The services disagree.
Mike Sauro
August 13

Counterpoint: Newspaper's series on rape cases totally misrepresents the investigative process

The report is rife with oversimplifications and faulty conclusions. Each assigning decision on a case has a logical reason. I know, because I made many of them.
August 12

Congress shouldn't be a cash cow for its members

Chris Collins case shows why stricter ethics guidelines are needed.
Ross Douthat
August 11

Hermes, Apollo and a hard road for humanism

Technocratic efficiency and usefulness has eclipsed the humanities, but there's still a chance for a revival.
August 10

More reminders that the internet never forgets

Got old, potentially embarrassing social media posts? Hit delete.
Jennifer Carnahan
August 10
Jeff Johnson, pictured last week, faces Tim Pawlenty in the Aug. 14 Republican primary for governor.

Editorial counterpoint: Jeff Johnson should be the GOP nominee

He's truly running because he cares about the state and wants to ensure its continued success and prosperity for all. Working tirelessly, he earned his party's endorsement and my vote.
John Rash
August 10
Gubernatorial candidates at a forum at Farmfest in Morgan, Minn., last week: Tim Walz, DFL; Tim Pawlenty, GOP; Lori Swanson, DFL; Jeff Johnson, GOP; E

Rash Report: Primary shows Minnesota is a microcosm of broader U.S. trends

Geographic, generational and gender trends, not to mention ideological divides, are apparent in state races.
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