Muslims and Christians, at peace in death

Muslims and Christians, at peace in death

Recalling my Egyptian village, where a Coptic family lived and worked among us — with none of the strife we see today.

Uncle Tommy, we honor your sacrifice

Uncle Tommy, we honor your sacrifice
When the church bell tolled that day in 1945, they knew it was for my namesake.

A quiet suggestion for Twin Cities taprooms

May 23
A quiet suggestion for Twin Cities taprooms
Shhhh. Seriously, the gustatory pleasure is overwhelmed by the auditory extremes.
D.J. Tice

About I-35W as an aging-bridge example

The 2007 catastrophe on Interstate 35W is often cited — incorrectly — as a result of aging infrastructure.
May 23

Rand Paul wages worthy battle to derail the Patriot Act

GOP senator rightly attacks compromise bill as a rushed attack on civil liberties.
May 23

The elements of an E-12 deal for Minnesota are present

The School Readiness program could be the catalyst in special-session discussions.
Brooks Jackson
May 23

Counterpoint: U has what it takes to have a top-tier Medical School

There's already a lot to admire. This is hardly the “junior varsity,” as a recent commentary suggested.
Tad Simons
May 23

How the machines will take over

With our complete and blissful cooperation. At least that's how I would do it, if I were them.
May 22

GOP: Education veto overshadows successes of 2015 Legislature

Assessing the results (so far).
May 22

What went wrong, what went right at the Capitol

Assessing the 2015 Minnesota Legislative session (so far).
May 22

As U.S. negotiates, Putin likely thinks he's in control

The Russian ruler would be less confident if U.S. tightened economic sanctions.
Paul Thissen
May 22

DFL: Top 10 missed opportunities in 2015 Legislature

From oil trains to kids, it's no laughing matter.
May 22
Displaced Iraqis from Ramadi cross the Bzebiz bridge after spending th...

With fall of Ramadi, Obama has turned victory into defeat in Iraq

George W. Bush handed Obama a hard-won success, which he has systematically sqandered, leaving only rival extremists to fight over what remains.
Mark Osler
May 21

What makes Waco be, well, 'Waco'?

First the Branch Dividians, now the biker shootout in this place where lives collide.
Harold Meyerson
May 21

Sure, free trade is fair — if you're an investor

Agreements have come at the expense of the average worker.
Arthur J. Reynolds
May 21

Universal school readiness requires universal access

Minnesota must act now on prekindergarten to benefit low- and middle-income kids alike.
Toby Harshaw
May 21

Browsing Osama bin Laden's summer reading list

Conspiracy theories were favorite fare for a terror mastermind on the run and catching up with his reading until the U.S. caught up with him.
May 20

U.S. finally clamps down on militarized police

President Obama's move to rein in military surplus supplies is overdue.
Lori Stevermer
May 20

Counterpoint: Southeastern Minnesota feedlot permitting complaint overstates the case

Farmers do care. It's just that most feedlots aren't big enough for the laws to kick in.
Rob Autry
May 20

Editorial counterpoint: Interpretation of poll data was a stretch

An analysis of Minnesotans' legislative priorities missed the mark on key issues such as the gas tax, light rail and education.
George F. Will
May 20

Watch the death penalty wither away

The conservative case for abolishing capital punishment in the U.S.
May 20

More questions for Hillary Clinton, now that she's talking

Reporters should prepare tough queries on trade, terror and truth telling in case she decides to engage again in a month or so.
Kate Ross
May 19

Access for the disabled: Demanded by law, often ignored in practice

A short period in a wheelchair after an injury was illuminating.
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