Memorial Day: Don't forget to remember those of us who remain

Memorial Day: Don't forget to remember those of us who remain

A chance encounter at a Home Depot brought home the notion that we must honor not just our valiant service members, but also their survivors.

Memorial Day: Why the mournful sound of 'Taps' makes me sad

May 27
Won't we ever learn? We should all be shedding a tear over the fact that this melody has continued to be played and played and played — for generations.

Politifact: On taxes and crime, front-runners run afoul of facts

May 27
No, Hillary Clinton is not going to release "all" of the "violent criminals." Yes, Donald Trump did pay some taxes, at least in the '70s.
Timothy R. Ferguson and David C. Gore
May 27

The disappearing middle class, and a nation, on the brink

Lesson from Rome: Concentration of wealth destroys democracy.
Paul Aasen
May 27

Drivers, we have met the enemy, and it is us

As a potentially deadly summer begins, it's up to each person to pay attention and buckle up.
John Rash
May 27

Rash Report: Rising asymmetric threats may shift military's role

Sharp partisan divides on nation's place in the world.
Zach Czaia
May 27

A Twin Cities Catholic's open letter to the new archbishop

We give — have always given, but now we need to know God's work is being done.
Adam Platt
May 27

Amid a cascade of 'lasts,' a final napkin note

My wife and I have put thousands in with school lunches. But, of course, all things end.
Bonnie Blodgett
May 27

Strings attached: The unfortunate current spirit of charitable giving

The new 'investment' spirit in charitable giving demands measurable outcomes. Whatever happened to just helping those in need?
May 27

On what will we weigh Minnesota legislators this November?

National elections (Trump? Clinton?) usually drive state results. But, but, but …
D.J. Tice
May 27

Restroom wars: A tolerant nation ties itself into knots

These tricky times call for compassion all around.
Arthur L. Caplan and Brendan Parent
May 27
Australian Climber Robert Gropels who was rescued from Mount Everest s...

Should public foot the bill to rescue reckless risk-takers?

If they won't put down a rescue deposit, extreme athletes should test the limits at their own risk.
Brad Meier
May 26

Minneapolis, don't go rogue on sick leave mandate

Our economy is too diverse for a one-size-fits-all policy in just one city. As business owners, we urge you to view the bigger picture.
Doug Baker, Mary Brainerd, Andy Cecere and Tim Marx
May 26

A legislative no-brainer: Pass state funds to finish project for the homeless

Governing is hard work, but providing money for the new Dorothy Day Center should be easy.
Multiple authors
May 26

Student voices are to be heard, not ignored

The media would have you believe that the St. Paul schools are a war zone. The trouble with that is, no one asked us — and we care.
Megan McArdle
May 26

Hillary may be better than Trump...but may still belong in jail

It's official now. Clinton's email antics were no honest mistake.
Coleen Carlstedt-Johnson
May 25

Can we please just stop playing the 'man card'?

And forget the bogus excuses for why it's just Clinton you dislike.
Jennifer Rubin
May 25

The obvious presidential alternative is, ahem, Mitt Romney

The 2012 standard-bearer is a plausible, qualified grown-up, as well as a decent human being. Surely, he could turn this thing around.
Bob "Again" Carney Jr.
May 25

Here's the win-win solution to Southwest light rail

In order to get the state bonding bill back on track this year, start by scrapping the route's embattled Kenilworth corridor and tunnel.
Editorial Board
May 25

Government must step in to help Americans eat less salt

Only legal limits on sodium in processed foods can make the needed difference.
Peter J. Nelson and Dale Kurschner
May 25

Counterpoint: Minnesota is, in fact, losing the ultrarich

And with 2013 tax hike, fewer affluent folks are moving here.
Myron Orfield and Will Stancil
May 24

Race and housing in the Twin Cities: Further context from the Institute on Metropolitan Opportunity report

The cost per unit for predominantly white subsidized housing is typically far higher than that for traditional subsidized housing.
Kelley Lindquist
May 24

Race and housing in the Twin Cities: Don't underestimate the value of building spaces for artists

A recent report did not truly reflect the work we do at Artspace — including our efforts on behalf of artists of color and their families.