2020 Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Ind., spoke during a town hall meeting on April 16 in Fort Dodge, Iowa

View from Iowa: Pete Buttigieg has made an impressive start, but it's time to get more granular

The candidate can be short on specifics, saying, for instance, that "as Democrats, we sometimes have a tendency to lead with the policy minutiae" and that it's important to "win the values argument, too."

Surprise! Social Security has gotten healthier

A Social Security card and account in 1940. The program had been established in 1935. On Monday, its trustees predicted that reserves — that is, the
Much-demonized disability claims and awards have fallen more than anticipated. The program was in the black last year, and the projected exhaustion of reserves has been delayed.

Election security: Some lawmakers just don't understand

April 22
Cyberattack techniques eventually filter their way down. Minnesota's election systems will be attacked from other nations as well as nonstate actors, if they haven't been already.
Andy Cilek
April 22

Election integrity: An appeal to the Minnesota secretary of state on voter eligibility

You're taking extraordinary legal pains to hide public election data on eligibility. Just stop that, and do your job.
Kara Swisher
April 22
Logos of three major social-media entities: Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. The Sri Lankan government shut down access to social-media services after S

After attacks, Sri Lanka shut down social media. Good, I thought. And I'm a tech journalist.

The gatekeepers are gone, and we need a global discussion on how to handle the resulting disaster, well beyond adding more moderators or better algorithms.
April 22

Is Microsoft giving China too much help with artificial intelligence?

AI research has always been characterized by global collaboration.
Hal Brands
April 22
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at a news conference at the State Department on April 17.

U.S. foreign policy isn't dead. Yet.

There are unmistakable signs of decay in the internationalist consensus, and if that decay advances it will have profound implications for America's ability to preserve the world it has built. But one can see, however faintly, the outlines of a new consensus.
Kevin D. Williamson
April 22
Former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld spoke during a house party on March 31, trying to gain the support of New Hampshire Republicans in challenging Pre

Republican presidential candidate Bill Weld: A can't-win with a cause

He can't beat President Donald Trump. But he's the only way real conservatives can dissent.
April 20

Congress needs to protect 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund

It's running out of money to provide health care for thousands of people.
John Rash
April 19
In April 2018, a candlelight vigil was held in Managua, Nicaragua, in honor of slain journalist Angel Gahona, who had died in the city of Bluefields w

'A cycle of fear' imperils press freedom worldwide

Pulitzer Prizes, clarity of Mueller report are antidotes to Reporters Without Borders' chilling annual analysis.
Opinion Exchange
April 19

As the Arctic melts, Russian assertiveness heats up

The West can no longer rely on ice and cold, and Putin knows it.
Nancy Feldman
April 19
U.S. Air Force planes sprayed Agent Orange over a jungle area in South Vietnam in 1966. The chemical defoliant was used during the Vietnam War and has

Legacies of Vietnam: Let us help the continuing victims of Agent Orange

My husband, a Vietnam vet who was exposed to Agent Orange and died in 2006, dedicated his benefits to aid an affected group that got scant help: people in Vietnam. Now, the U.S. is stepping up, too.
D.J. Tice
April 19

Suit seeking voter data hits a bigger issue

It's that entrusting government to investigate itself isn't a good idea. We need openness.
Multiple authors
April 19

Mueller report reactions: Everyone comes out looking both 'worse' and 'better'

A collection of excerpts from the Star Tribune's opinion wires.
Peter M. Leschak
April 19
Problems are solvable. Look no further for proof than the bald eagle. They were placed on the endangered species list during the middle part of the pr

Hey, look up! (Instead of askance.)

You might see solutions, not problems. Signals, not noise. You might even see the literal symbol of our nation's strength.
Paul Mattessich, Gloria Perez, Daniel Sellers, Carolyn Smallwood, Roberta Walburn and Charlie Weaver
April 19
Photo illustration

Changes are needed to serve all Minnesota students; so is urgency

Achievement gaps in our state are glaring, persistent and unacceptable. There are steps we can and should take. Let's not wait.
April 19

Twenty years after Columbine, no consensus on protecting school kids

School shootings now provoke more shock than surprise in U.S.
Paul Gazelka
April 19
The electrolier was illuminated at the Minnesota State Capitol on the first day of the state’s 91st Legislature in January. This year’s session mu

Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka: How this year's session can end constructively

Democrats want big tax increases, which Republicans can't abide. We have some ideas they don't like, either. So …
Danny Schwartzman and Joel Vikre
April 19

We're small-business owners. We support Gov. Walz's budget-and-tax direction

President Trump said tax cuts are businesses' top concern. We differ. We believe in investment that's fair and good for all, including us.
Meredith Cohen
April 19
Notre Dame cathedral is pictured after a ceremony at the city town hall, Thursday, April 18, 2019 in Paris. France paid a daylong tribute Thursday to

Can a disposable culture restore a timeless treasure?

As in nature, fiery destruction is an opportunity for rebirth — so long as we respect the cathedral's glorious past and real-world present.
April 18

YouTube is going to need humans to review sensitive content

Notre Dame fire screw-up shows that algorithm's make mistakes, too.
Scott Martelle
April 18
President Donald Trump spoke Thursday in the Whte House to participants in the Wounded Warrior Project Soldier Ride. His comments came shortly before

Moving to impeach Trump would only make him stronger

Could've, would've, should've — but that's not the environment we live in. Democrats' best focus now will be the 2020 election.
Tonya Draughn
April 18

Counterpoint: St. Paul officials, don't point fingers at charter schools

These schools give families, particularly those of low income and those of color, a chance to find the best fit for their children.
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