Life in Zimbabwe: Forgive our lack of concern for Cecil the hero

Life in Zimbabwe: Forgive our lack of concern for Cecil the hero

In the place where I spent time as a child, there’s a different fight for survival — one that doesn’t attract tourists or make news.

Benghazi plus Michael Bay plus presidential campaign equals?

August 3
Benghazi plus Michael Bay plus presidential campaign equals?
Critics are expecting a false narrative from “13 Hours,” but it’s too soon to say.

Lindsey Graham has done little to earn pay as a reservist

Lindsey Graham has done little to earn pay as a reservist
But it was a mutually beneficial relationship for the powerful politician and the Air Force.
Keith Ellison and Paul Thissen

Minnesota knows how to clean up its energy

The state has a successful precedent to guide its response to President Obama's action limiting emissions. And we can boost the economy at the same time.
Carolyn Chalmers

How about a Boy Scout merit badge in sexual ethics?

Is this not, after all, a skill that one must learn to become a decent adult?
Kris Potter

The art of recharging by being alone

My Gramma Esther would take a boat out fishing by herself, way back when. I, too, would soon learn the appeal of solitude.

Learning is a local thing, as Minnesota initiatives show

The best ideas and movements bubble up. This can be seen in education's next wave, and our state is leading the way.

Joe Biden's presidential possibilities

He’s thinking about running. Good idea? Bad idea? Two commentators assess.
Jonathan Bernstein

The Joe Biden boomlet is over before it starts

Despite the chatter among pundits and political professionals, he doesn't appear to have any natural constituency or any real opening.
Joan Vennochi

The case for Joe Biden to enter the 2016 race

His dying son wanted him to do it. But that’s not reason enough. He’d do it because he wants to, and because he’s as well-positioned as any candidate to win.
Robert H. Scales
August 3

The U.S. Army is breaking, for the third time in my life

The institution is overburdened and undersupported — so young leaders are voting with their feet.
Carter Malkasian
August 3

What next for Afghanistan after the announced death of Mohammad Omar?

There are several possibilities that complicate U.S. hopes for the region.
David Kravitz
August 3

Justice Antonin Scalia's appalling zingers

Entertaining, yes, but they're degrading the quality of the dissenting opinion.
E.J. Dionne Jr.
August 2

How hopefuls can un-Trump the Fox debate

Come up with constructive suggestions that tap into his backers' dissatisfaction.
August 2

U.S. armed forces leading the way with progressive family-leave policies

Sadly, this is the only industrialized country without mandated paid parental leave.
Cheryl Thomas
August 2

St. Paul rape case could be a turning point

This is thanks to a wise judge and the courageous survivor of a knife attack.
Claire Wilson, Shannah Mulvihill, Sue Abderholden and Grace Tangjerd Schmitt
August 2

The Minnesota Security Hospital at St. Peter still needs work

Despite some progress over the past year on training and restraints, the state needs to do more to improve treatment of our mentally ill.
Frank Bruni
August 2

No rest for the weary teen

Today’s young people aren’t getting enough sleep. Just think about that for a moment.
Michael Gerson
August 2

Presidential campaign: The rhetoric reaches (for) rock-bottom

Anger and outrage are now seen as the most authentic form of communication.
August 2

Celebrate the Americans With Disabilities Act, but there's more work to do

The estimated 55 million disabled Americans deserve equal access and opportunities.
D.J. Tice
August 2

Of life and death and love and dogs

I’ve lost my best buddy. But even now, perhaps he’s showing me the way.
August 2

So this is what a full load of roadwork looks like

Well, it really needs to be done. But can it be funded in a way that eases the disruption?
Richard Gist
August 2

Hunting: How I learned I didn't belong in the business of killing

Perhaps the death of Cecil the lion will be revelatory for someone who hears of it, as my experiences were for me.
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