Troubling symptoms for Obamacare

Troubling symptoms for Obamacare

UnitedHealth’s ills with its exchange policies don’t bode well for the market.

Freedom of speech extends to free advice on pets

November 22
Weightier issues aside, the Supreme Court should clarify the rules around regulating occupational speech.

Should we erase or learn from our racist past?

November 24
It's hard to know when names of historical figures should be removed.
Editorial Board
In this Oct. 20, 2014 frame from dash-cam video provided by the Chicag...

Chicago's nightmare video is as bad as anyone feared it could be

City must search its soul, change its processes for disciplining, investigating cops.
Thomas R. Schwebach
November 24

Counterpoint: What if 1940s Londoners had to accept German refugees?

Cartoon's message underestimates terror threat of Syrians who flee.
George Hutchinson
November 24

Counterpoint: When it comes to suicide, respect an individual's choice

In a culture of compassion, we recognize that “no one gets out of here alive” and ask what's best for the ones we love.
Stephen B. Young
November 24

Trouble is brewing in China

The dragon seeks to defend its honor and resist foreigners, especially America.
November 24

Time for denial is over. Donald Trump is shattering the GOP

Can economic, foreign policy and religious conservatives share a party with repugnant nativism?
Matthew F. Filner
November 24

Counterpoint: Echoes from Birmingham jail

Call to be “measured” toward Minneapolis discord has a striking parallel.
Joe Selvaggio
November 23

'Redistribution of wealth'? I call that 'sharing'

This Thanksgiving, let's sit down to the table and remember what community is all about.
Aaron Kheriaty
November 23

Suicide — physician-assisted or not — can be contagious

When the media make heroes out of those who end their lives, it adds to a public health crisis.
Noah Feldman
November 23

Seventy years later: Was an injustice done at Nuremberg -- to the Nazis?

The charges weren’t actually about the Holocaust. Few shed tears for the monsters condemned. Still, was victors’ justice legally legitimate?
John Rash
November 23

Presidential rhetoric in times of crisis

Obama's words carry particular weight when it comes to crises in the Mideast and Europe as well as the diplomatic “pivot” to Asia.
November 22

Russia, our once and future ally?

When Putin, the enemy of our enemy, is our ... well, still our enemy.
Robin Phillips
November 20

Editorial counterpoint: Slamming the door on refugees won't make us more secure

It's not an either/or decision. Instead of taking a pause in the process, the U.S. should let its resettlement system work.
Gary Copland
November 20

That bulldozer in the forest isn't going to stop me

No matter that a bike trail is cutting a swath of destruction. Planting trees is my labor of love.
November 20

Obesity crisis: Government must respond, but how?

Public health is one of its responsibilities.
November 20

Leaders can learn much from looking beyond their horizon

A series of exchanges between officials of Minnesota and Germany showed as much — but it's ending.
Dick meyer
November 20

Terror coverage: A guide to absorbing the horror, the horror

Arms and lips flap after terror events, but you're actually free to maintain your composure.
November 20

How to fight back: We must battle ISIL on several fronts

The fight is for freedom on the homefront, territory in the Mideast and peace in general.
Paul John Scott
November 20

Working in the restaurant industry: It's a good life, almost

Listen, there's a lot you can learn from this work. So, a bit more income and stability? Icing on the cake.
November 19

The technology of terrorists and the call for weaker encryption

It's easy to make the wrong assumptions about the Paris attacks.
Thomas L. Friedman
November 19

Too few islands of decency in the Arab world

Forget Paris. Forget Beirut. What will it take to uproot ISIL?
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