Amy Klobuchar, speaking to listeners at Southbridge Mall in Mason City, Iowa, last weekend. The Minnesota senator and former Hennepin County attorney

Can Klobuchar's record as a prosecutor be an asset in her presidential run?

Yes, it can, if she looks forward, not back, and proposes reforms in criminal justice that lower both incarceration rates and crime rates.

To help control prescription drug costs, let's tap a vital resource: Pharmacists

February 20
A pharmacy in California. The author notes that pharmacists have at least six years of college education, culminating in a doctor of pharmacy degree,
We could benefit a lot from making greater use of their knowledge and expertise.

In the MeToo era, a kiss is not just a kiss. Maybe it never was.

February 20
August 1945 : A sailor kissed a woman in New York City after learning World War II was over. The man pictured died this week.
As time goes by, a fabled photo snapped at the end of World War II has taken on a new look in some quarters.
February 20

A welcome, bipartisan push on wildnerness protection

Legislation would safeguard land and create national monuments.
Evan Thomas
February 20
President Donald Trump, seen speaking at an event in the Rose Garden to declare a national emergency in order to build a wall along the southern borde

Trump's 'emergency' is no crisis for democracy

In the courts, in Congress and at the polls, the checks in our system remain in place. Let them work.
Dick Schwartz
February 19
A rite for sore eyes : Twins players like Jason Castro loosening up last week at spring training in Fort Myers, Fla.

Spring. It's coming. Because baseball is.

Even if you don't see it outside your window. Even if baseball isn't your thing.
February 19

Faced with tough choice on controversial pipeline, Walz punted

If he expects consensus on Enbridge Line 3, he's not likely to get it.
Leonid Bershidsky
February 19

The Swiss go against the flow with online voting

Security? Testing starts with an open competition for hackers, with prize money.
Mike Opat
February 19
A room at HCMC, the hospital in Minneapolis operated by Hennepin Healthcare.

Mike Opat: Five steps for the future of Hennepin Healthcare and HCMC

The system must compete in the market, and whoever is chosen as its next leader must bring focus. Here's a to-do list.
Patricia Murphy
February 19
U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., was introduced during a presidential campaign stop at The Village Trestle in Goffstown, N.H., on Monday, Feb. 18, 20

2020 presidential campaign: It's as if Hillary Clinton is running again

The several women who have declared their campaigns really aren't distinguishing themselves from her.
February 19
Former Massachusetts Republican Gov. William Weld in 2016. Weld, who ran that year as a vice presidential candidate on the Libertarian Party ticket, c

Finally, a Republican challenger to Trump; hope for more

Former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld wasn't the obvious choice to be first, but perhaps he'll start something.
Nadine Gartner
February 19
When this photo was taken, Able Zhang, 1 (held by his mother, Wenyi Zhang) had just received the last of three inoculations — including a vaccine fo

The delicate art of debunking misconceptions about vaccines

How do you get opponents to vaccinate their kids? Talk with them — not at them — for hours.
D.J. Tice
February 18

Guaranteed income, no work required. Does it work?

Finland gave it a test run. The results were "disappointing."
Dean Zimmermann
February 18

Say what? Not every unfortunate utterance stems from intentional bigotry

We'd do well to remember that we're all learning, all of the time, writes former Minneapolis City Council Member Dean Zimmermann.
Jacob Frey and Phillipe Cunningham
February 18
A rendering shows the proposed Upper Harbor Terminal riverfront redevelopment in north Minneapolis.

Minneapolis development and economic equity: Upper Harbor Terminal can be a national model

A City Council committee should advance a concept plan, write Mayor Jacob Frey and Council Member Phillipe Cunningham. It's a starting point for the North Side, they add, and deeper community collaboration is baked into the next phase.
Multiple authors
February 18

Next up at University of Minnesota: Selection of four regents. Value merit, resist politics.

Those in the role must be able to both oversee and support the U's president. The process already in place to identify such people has worked well.
February 18

Americans now factor in the risk of mass shootings in everyday life

Add Friday's workplace attack in Chicago suburb to a growing list.
Jackson Diehl
February 18
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a weekly Cabinet meeting at his office in Jerusalem on Feb. 17, 2019. Polls predict that Netanyahu’

Democrats' Israel problem is not Ilhan Omar, it's Benjamin Netanyahu

He has openly wedded Israel's government to the Republican Party and helped to divide U.S. opinion on Israel along partisan lines.
David Blankenhorn
February 18
Abraham Lincoln’s iconic stovepipe hat, photographed in 2007 at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, Ill.

It's Presidents' Day. A good time to ask: What would Lincoln do?

America's 16th president navigated times even more polarized than today's. But as he saw it, in politics "there are few things wholly evil or wholly good."
February 16

Apple and Google are aiding repression of Saudi women

E-government service allows men to track their wives and daughters.
Max Boot
February 15
Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., arrived for President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address last week.

Committee hearing on envoy to Venezuela: The Ilhan-Omar-in-Congress saga continues …

History is complex. People, too. The case against the Fifth District representative's case against Elliott Abrams.
February 15

Too many Americans fail to understand the damage done by blackface

About 1 in 3 say its use is always or sometimes acceptable.
John Rash
February 15
FebRUARY 1979: Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, center,was greeted by supporters in Tehran after his return to Iran from exile.

Rash Report: 40 years on, Iran's Islamic Revolution still roils

A juxtaposition of the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution and an Iran-focused Mideast security conference in Warsaw.
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