Former Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor, with attorney Peter Wold, left the Hennepin County Government Center after a court hearing in Septembe

The Mohamed Noor case: Fatal police shooting and a complicated charging choice

Prosecutors filed a second-degree murder count against a Minneapolis officer, a stronger one that enters the murky waters of intent.

Competing forces on immigration gather strength in Europe

December 18
An anti-government demonstration dubbed “Merry Christmas, Mr. Prime Minister” took place Sunday in Heroes’ Square in Budapest, Hungary.
As nationalist and anti-migrant sentiment bares itself, so does disillusionment with increasing authoritarianism.

Ryan Zinke's ethics and policy choices were deeply flawed

December 18
Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke speaks after an order withdrawing federal protections for many waterways and wetlands was signed, at EPA headquar
No one who values U.S. outdoor heritage should be sad to see him go.
December 17

Theresa May survived — barely —but what's next for Brexit?

British prime minister wisely wants a 'soft' landing for economy.
Jim Abeler
December 17

Counterpoint: Sorry, but our state budget surplus isn't what it appears

When you look at in "structural" terms and consider things like an expiring health care provider tax, that $1.5 billion fades quickly. Minnesota will need sound, bipartisan fiscal decisionmaking.
David Osmek
December 17

Transportation funding counterpoint: The fact is, we can provide money without raising taxes

The fund that covers transportation gets more than gas taxes and is outpacing inflation. Plus, the GOP just passed a big investment (without hiking the gas tax).
December 17

Transportation funding counterpoint: Yes, we need more money, but don't raise the gas tax

The gas tax is not an effective user fee or tool for fighting global warming, and there's a bolder way to get funds.
Andres Oppenheimer
December 17
Venezuelan exiles protest the presidential elections in Venezuela and primarily against Nicolas Maduro, at the Venezuelan consulate on Brickell Avenue

8 million refugees? No, not in the Middle East. From Venezuela

The forecast isn't crazy, and it could destabilize our hemisphere.
Susan Narayan
December 15
Yemenis walked through a market in the old city of Sana’a this week. Civil war has devastated the country and its population.

A Christmas in Yemen: In a long-ago era, good people took me in

The climate then was more peaceful but always uncertain. They were concerned for me. We should return the favor.
December 14

Arbitrary death penalty system remains a national disgrace

The practice is fading, but some jurisdictions wrongly cling to it.
December 14

The impeachment question: Seems like Democrats still bear the greater risk

Imagine that there's insufficient evidence and they proceed anyway.
Cass Sunstein
December 14
President Donald Trump. Developments in a couple of investigations have pushed talk of impeachment from an abstract topic to a more concrete one, with

The impeachment question: If there's a clear case, House has an obligation, with little discretion

Put current events and personalities aside and just consider it generically.
John Rash
December 14
Candles lit by activists protesting the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi were placed outside Saudi Arabia’s consulate in Istanbul, Turkey

Rash Report: Journalists cover, and are central to, Senate's Saudi rebuke

Jamal Khashoggi's murder spurs Senate to condemn the crown prince and end U.S. military aid for the war in Yemen.
Thomas A. Keller III
December 14
Joan Gabel, provost at the University of South Carolina, is the sole finalist for the University of Minnesota presidency. She spent last week touring

Will school-vs.-sports priorities at the University of Minnesota ever change?

There'll be a new president soon. We'll be watching to see what that means to the mission.
tim o’malley and tom johnson
December 14
Former Archbishop John Nienstedt’s conduct in two matters requires further inquiry, the writers argue.

More is required from the Catholic Church hierarchy

The handling of allegations against Nienstedt is both an example and an opportunity.
D.J. Tice
December 14

Scrutinizing what 'everybody knows' about inequality

Maybe the rich-poor gap is not as yawning as thought. So much depends on inputs and definitions.
December 14
State Rep. Connie Bernardy, DFL-New Brighton.

The near future of higher ed at the State Capitol

Let's check in with two new legislative committee leaders about the challenges they'll face.
Steve Calvin
December 14

Doctors in the House, and Senate

On health care, gridlock is not an option for the 2019 Legislature. But new leadership, new perspectives and new urgency may just bring real reform.
December 14

Michael Cohen's sentencing is no trivial matter for him or Trump

It's clear president's campaign perpetrated a fraud against the voters.
Maureen Schriner
December 14
Yul Choi, an activist with the Korea Green Foundation, protested while wearing a stained Santa Claus costume outside this week’s United Nations Fram

Counterpoint: The real science and action behind climate change

A commentary suggested that self-interest prevails. Abundant examples show otherwise.
Karl W. Smith
December 14
President Donald Trump signed the tax reform bill in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, Dec. 22, 2017.

How to tell if tax reform is working

Clear signs are scant, but one indicator — called Tobin's Q — offers grounds for optimism.
John R. Kasich
December 14
John Kasich, then a Republican U.S. House member from Ohio, sat in front of the National Debt Clock during a committee hearing in May 1995. The clock

John Kasich on deficits: Does anyone care? I do. We all should.

Stop ignoring that 21 trillion-pound gorilla sitting in plain sight.
Ericka A. Lara Ovares
December 14
The American Indian encampment in south Minneapolis, shown here in August, has put a spotlight on homelessness, but the indigenous community in Minnes

Teenage American Indians and their babies: Another addition to the Wall of the Forgotten Natives

While birthrates among adolescents in every other racial group have been steadily decreasing, that's not the case here. There's a social cause.
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