U.S. Rep.-elect Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, appeared with Pete Davidson on “Saturday Night Live” a week after Davidson suggested on SNL that Crenshaw l

Dan Crenshaw: Why I didn't demand an apology from "Saturday Night Live"

Mocking my appearance was offensive, but it's time to get past our outrage culture. We have common goals, if different views, so let's work to restore civility to debate.

Vatican fails in latest statement on clergy sex-abuse scandal

November 15
A man held protest signs on Tuesday outside a Baltimore hotel hosting the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ annual fall meeting.
In asking U.S. bishops to hold off on action, it again dodges duty.

Keep politics, division out of choice of U president

November 15
An entrance to the campus of the University of Minnesota.
As university retirees who bleed maroon and gold, we offer points for regents to consider as they make this vital decision.
November 15

Aside from welcome jobs windfall, Amazon presents challenges

In Virginia, get ready for traffic, school crowding and higher housing costs.
Alan Page
November 15
Alan Page at a Page Education Foundation awards ceremony in 2015. Page will receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest honor for

Alan Page on receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom: It is an honor, but it's not really about me

It's about many ideals, and so many good people. I accept this in their honor.
Jay Ambrose
November 15
A White House staff member, left, tries to take away the microphone from CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta during an exchange with President Do

Acosta has no constitutional right to be a grandstanding jerk

The press should prove Trump wrong through fairness and professionalism, not disrespect and ludicrous lawsuits.
November 14
Former first lady Michelle Obama, right, hugs Oprah Winfrey during a kickoff event for Obama's new book "Becoming" at the United Center in Chicago, Tu

Now America is hearing what Michelle Obama really thinks

Appropriately guarded as first lady, she launches a new chapter.
Gregg Larson
November 14
Writing a donation check to a charitable organization.

As we decide on charitable giving, whom can we trust? Here's some help

A number of entities offer valuable information. So please do your homework, and give back, give generously and give wisely.
Jim Triggs
November 14
Crucifix, Jesus on the cross in church with ray of light from stained glass.

Counterpoint: One answer to a decline in churchgoing? Parents

Developing a spiritual life is a discipline that takes effort. Our father and mother helped instill it even as we voiced objections.
November 13
In this Nov. 10, 2018 photo provided by NBC, Lt. Com. Dan Crenshaw, from left, a congressman-elect from Texas, Pete Davidson, Anchor Colin Jost, and A

A lesson for all of us from "Saturday Night Live" apology

Comedian's bad joke leads to a show of class and a tribute to heroism.
Charles Lane
November 13
Voting last week in West Salem, Wis. The state will have a Democratic governor and GOP legislature, cutting the chances of one party dominating redist

The system helped thwart gerrymandering against Democrats

Partisanship in the drawing of legislative maps is real, but it's a problem that's on its way to being cured, without federal courts.
Will Stancil
November 13
A rowing crew on Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis. Many of Minneapolis’ richest areas remain virtually off-limits to lower-income residents today — bec

Minneapolis 2040 helps address housing inequality

Plan to allow triplex construction in all neighborhoods represents a significant step toward reducing residential segregation in the city.
Keith Ellison
November 12
The Minnesota State Capitol. ] GLEN STUBBE • glen.stubbe@startribune.com Tuesday, February 13, 2018 The 2018 legislative session will both shape and

Keith Ellison: Thank you for electing me as your AG, and for your advice

I will strive to carry on this office's tradition of ensuring a fair economy and civil rights, and to do so for all Minnesotans.
Jonathan Weinhagen
November 12

Instead of gridlock, let's make progress in a literally unique Minnesota

Here, in the ONLY state with a divided legislature, zeroing in on issues that advance us economically would make good, bipartisan sense.
Steve Morse and David Carlson
November 12

Legislators should undo raid on natural resources trust fund

Money shouldn't be diverted from a dedicated environmental fund to back other projects.
Opinion Exchange
November 12

Another Chinese dissident could be left to die in prison

Huang Qi, who documented human rights abuses, should be freed.
Taylor Batten
November 12
Law enforcement personnel at the scene of a mass shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, Oct. 27, 2018. At least four people were dead a

Breaking News: The story of the next mass shooting

Here's a fill-in-the-blank time-saver for reporting on the not-so-shocking outrages we know are coming soon.
Opinion Exchange
November 10

The midterms are over. Now what?

With a tumultuous election at last behind us, members of the Star Tribune Editorial Board reflect on what it all means for Minnesota and America.
November 9

Trump wants a lap dog to replace Sessions

Nation's law enforcement apparatus is at risk after AG's ouster.
John Rash
November 9
Rosamund Pike, as war correspondent Marie Colvin, and Jamie Dornan, as photojournalist Paul Conroy, in a scene from the movie “A Private War,” whi

Rash Report: 'A Private War' depicts the public cost of combat

The new film tells the story of intrepid war reporter Marie Colvin and photographer Paul Conroy.
Jon Jensen
November 9
A Minnesota National Guard member saluting as the colors were posted. The guard serves multiple combat and noncombat duties, at home and abroad.

A Veterans Day request: Please show your appreciation for those who have served

Their selfless acts merit gratitude and reflection. And thank you, too, to employers who support Guard members; you join in our success.
William P. Barr, Edwin Meese III and Michael B. Mukasey
November 9
Jeff Sessions, at an event in Boston on Oct. 29, resigned as attorney general last Wednesday at the request of President Donald Trump,

By any measure, Jeff Sessions has done a standout job as attorney general

As former AGs, we salute his stellar record on law enforcement, his protection of rights and national security, and his grace and dignity.
Eli Lake
November 9
The Russian military intelligence service building in Moscow. It remains to be seen whether America’s new cyber posture will affect the calculations

No foreign meddling in the midterms. So did we do that?

The U.S. has developed a significant deterrence effort. Harder to know is how much it's affecting the calculations of other countries.
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