America's docs are already sick of Obamacare requirements

America's docs are already sick of Obamacare requirements

The ill-conceived electronic health records mandate is degrading care and driving practitioners from the profession.

'Low-level' crimes hurt Minneapolis neighborhoods

May 29
Lurking and spitting laws need enforcing — not repealing.

Privacy in the digital age: Coming to terms with Big Brother

May 29
Events lead to U.S., European divergence on balance between security and privacy.
May 29

Special session is a fitting end for the unproductive 2015 Legislature

Once again, state lawmakers failed to get work done on time and in public view.
William McGeveran
May 29

Laws need to fit old doctrine to today's technology

Laws need to fit old doctrine to today's technology.
Nick Gionet
May 28

Young writers: Maybe we're spoiled, but don't criticize until we've grown up

Maybe we’re spoiled on gadgets, but don’t criticize until we get a chance to grow up.
May 28

Young people explain (and ponder) their generation

A collection of essays by high school juniors.
Allison O'Neil
May 28

Young writers: Teen hookup culture erodes respect

The shallow nature of teen hookup culture erodes respect.
Mason Deterding
May 28

Young writers: Social media dangers for younger kids

Younger kids are just too young to handle social media pitfalls.
Stephen Carter
May 28

Hillary Clinton's high court litmus test shows what's gone wrong with politics

We need to strengthen political parties and restore ‘machines’ to dilute the influence of zealous activists.
Michael Goar
May 28

Counterpoint: Minneapolis school suspensions actually down over the longer haul

Recent article doesn't account for better results thanks to years-long efforts.
May 27

'Bin Laden's Bookshelf' doesn't tell the whole story

Partial release of materials seized from compound has a humdrum quality.
Fred Zimmerman
May 27

Free-trade pact could work if U.S. lays a solid foundation

U.S. must strengthen the fundamentals, like education, infrastructure and accountability.
May 27

Rand Paul's vision seems headed for obscurity

Senator's independent-minded views seem to have lost allure.
May 27

Conditions in the Middle East have never been this bad

The tribal, fundamentalist mindset has triumphed, and there’s nothing for the U.S. to do about it.
Jim Watkins and Karla Ekdahl
May 26

Counterpoint: The ranked-choice alternative to the political machine

One could surmise, as some do, that the old system of party politics had its advantages over today's arrangement. Or one could go in a better direction entirely — ranked-choice voting.
Darlene Thyen
May 26

Europe leans too heavily on the U.S. for security

With our allies cutting back on military funding, one wonders if they expect us to bring forth another “Greatest Generation” as needed, at will.
Carl Elliott
May 26

U Prof. Carl Elliott: The medical research honor code still needs strengthening

A bioethics professor weighs in, via the New York Times, on the situation at the University of Minnesota — and potentially elsewhere.
Eli Lake
May 26

Israel's nuclear 'secret' is safe

No change for now. But what would it take for the country to acknowledge its weapons and make plans to disarm? Some clues come out.
Joe Nocera
May 26

Let's talk about nicotine

The prospects for a federal recognition that different ways of delivering the drug also come with different risks.
Doyle McManus
May 25

The still-fragile state of the American dream

Amid shifts in our pessimism, we do still cling to this ideal.
Maddie Peters
May 25

College students with depression, you are not alone

Instead of the golden experience I had been dreaming of, I got lost in fear and loneliness.
Charles Kenny
May 25

Global health: After Ebola, attacking other killers

We're now seeing progress in eradicating infections such as polio and malaria, too.
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