Undisciplined: Chaos may be coming to Minnesota classrooms, by decree

Undisciplined: Chaos may be coming to Minnesota classrooms, by decree

A state agency aims to eliminate racial disparities in schools' response to misbehavior. Its destabilizing course would only spread the disruption.

Ending poverty in Minnesota is behind schedule. A Republican plan wouldn't help.

March 16
A fair summation of proposed Medicaid work requirement: First, do harm.

Tariffs and trade policy: Got questions? Paul Krugman has answers

March 16
March 17

U.S. has yet to do enough to punish Russia

Sanctions, condemnation must be followed by more action.
Stephen L. Carter
March 17
A Toys ‘R’ Us store in Maplewood. The famous chain announced this week that it will liquidate, filing plans to close or sell its more than 700 U.S

A big reason for the demise of Toys 'R' Us? Toys are not the same

Tangible playthings that kids manipulate have yielded to digital entities that kids interact with. That took a toll on stores.
Vicki Ernst
March 16
Debate over background checks for firearms purchases has intensified since 17 people were killed in the Feb. 14 school shooting in Parkland, Fla.

Counterpoint, gun legislation: Senator is off course in collaborating on 'universal background checks'

The problem isn't with checks; the problem is a flawed federal data system. This move would infringe on the rights of law-abiding citizens.
Mary McLeod
March 16
The Minnesota State Capitol : Proposals at the Legislature would give lawmakers more authority over the selection of members of the Univeristy of Mi

Counterpoint: How to get the best U regents? Recruit, recruit, recruit

Legislators could help do that, instead of taking aim at the Candidate Advisory Council.
March 16

Add a dead dog to list of screw-ups by United Airlines

After dragging a passenger off a flight in 2017, another boneheaded move.
Maggie Shea
March 16

March Madness: A touch of 'sadness' is more the operative feeling for me

It's a closer-to-home basketball obsession that I've really come to love, but that one's over for the season.
Adam Minter
March 16
Physicist and author Stephen Hawking, at a New York news conference in 2016 to announce the space exploration initiative “Breakthrough Starshot.”

High-profile bets, lost ones at that, say much about Stephen Hawking's greatness

Hawking often challenged key points of physics with public bets. But they were never personal and showed a humility and flexibility that help form his legacy.
Jason McGrath
March 15
Coffman Memorial Union at the University of Minnesota is named for Lotus Coffman, who was president of the U from 1920 to 1938.

Counterpoint: Move to rename Coffman Union doesn't impose an unfair test

The shortcomings of the former U president were moral failings in his own day, not simply by current standards.
March 15

Against all odds, Stephen Hawking achieved greatness

Before he became an icon, he had done groundbreaking scientific work.
Ed Rogers
March 15
Conor Lamb

For GOP, Lamb's win should sound the alarm

The signs point to disaster, and the only Republican who doesn't see it also is the only one who can change it.
Minnesota Tribal Leaders
March 15

Senate has chance to right a wrong by the NLRB on tribal sovereignty

A 2004 decision undermined tribal labor sovereignty. A new bill would restore it, treating tribes the same as all other governments.
March 15
The gun safety debate has intensified since last month’s school shooting in Parkland, Fla.

State Sen. Scott Jensen: I've disappointed some in entering the gun-safety arena, but I feel inspired, too

In choosing to discuss gun legislation, I'm on fraught turf. But it feels right, as a senator, to try to move a key dialogue forward.
March 14
CIA Director Mike Pompeo, President Donald Trump’s choice for secretary of state, is seen as more in tune with Trump than the departing Rex Tillerso

Pompeo is the right pick for Trump

He's a better fit than Tillerson, and he'll stand up to the president.
March 14

Proposed gun legislation in Minnesota: 'Do something' can be a detrimental refrain

A "universal background check" would set onerous requirements that only law-abiding citizens would elect to follow.
Albert R. Hunt
March 14
Duke freshman Marvin Bagley III finished high school early so he could start college this past fall. Soon, he’ll be bound for the NBA.

College basketball: The heart says 'March Madness!' The head says 'what a mess'

Corruption, hypocrisy and other problems tarnish this beautiful sport, and they demand attention. But so do my tournament picks.
John Kass
March 14
U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren

Why won't Elizabeth Warren take a DNA test?

Trump's nickname for the Massachusetts senator is unfair -- unfair to Pocahontas, that is.
March 13

Tillerson was wrong for the job, but he'll be missed

His ouster as secretary of state is not good for the country.
Rolf T. Anderson
March 13
The Minnesota History Center in St. Paul, home of the Minnesota Historical Society. The society had overseen the State Historic Preservation Office, b

Transfer of Minnesota's Historic Preservation Office is going to make for some strange history

It's hard to find any sense in the process by which this came about. But it certainly will make things more costly and less efficient.
Kelsey Johnson
March 13
Bales of raw steel imports sit in an outdoor storage yard at the Insteel Industries factory in Houston, March 2, 2018. President Donald Trump is expec

Counterpoint: Steel tariffs support Minnesota, national security

The fears are overstated. Trade enforcement actions are common.
Judith Koll Healey
March 13
Sexual assault survivors and supporters took part in a #MeToo Survivors March against sexual abuse last November in Los Angeles.

#MeToo and me: I've grown a little disillusioned

The movement has felt a bit like flailing. Here are six concrete actions we can take.
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