Mass shootings are horrifying. But the drills done to prepare for them may do more harm than good. Above, police take part in a drill at Hudson Falls

Student lockdown drills are out of control

Forcing them to participate in active shooter drills is simply a way to ease the minds of adults not willing to act.

I'm starting to understand my privilege, at long last

The writer grew up in Texas and remembers seeing signs for segregation. He’s now coming to terms with his white privilege.
As a white male I'm finally seeing that my way of thinking about race has been part of the problem all along.

Publishers, please don't limit e-book access

The Hennepin County library in Brooklyn Park. Macmillan Publishers will restrict e-book access for libraries starting Nov. 1.
Macmillan Publishers' new restrictions will hurt readers, libraries, authors and booksellers.

Facebook should resume fact-checking political ads

Imagine the backlash if the site is seen as Trump's secret weapon in 2020.
Frank Bruni
Former Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Kamala Harris before a Democratic presidential debate in September.

Delicate debates won't prepare Democratic front-runners for the campaign to come

The party has had a politeness problem. It's not putting candidates to the test.
Adam Frank
A rendering of North America at night as seen from space.

What if we reframed climate change as a story of human evolutionary success?

The narrative we've grown used to on this subject is one of blame. But there is very different story we can tell, even while keeping our attention on the peril.
Will Bunch
Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, in 2018.

Rudy Giuliani's epic slide from crime-buster to suspected conspirator

I've had a front-row seat for this saga. Some of what I've seen, you know. Some, you may not. In any case, it's a reflection of America as a whole.
Henry I. Miller
It’s time to roll up your sleeve for your annual flu shot. Or, if you can’t stand that idea, a nasal spray.

President Trump wants you to get your flu shot

We can and should be doing more to make flu vaccines more effective. Yet too many people resist prevention.
October 14

Beto O'Rourke is wrong about tax-exempt status

Religious institutions shouldn't lose protection over same-sex marriage.
Paul Gazelka
October 14
President Donald Trump addresses supporters during a rally in Minneapolis.

Paul Gazelka: I'd like to expand on my thanks to the president

I didn't have much time, but here's what I would have liked to tell President Donald Trump during his visit to Minneapolis.
Barry Simonson
October 14
This June 29, 2018, photo shows tanks at the Enbridge Energy terminal in Superior, Wis.

Counterpoint: Enbridge's Line 3 is necessary

We have a few disagreements with a recent commentary writer on the Line 3 process.
Ishaan Tharoor
October 14
In this photo released by the Syrian official news agency SANA, a resident hugs a Syrian soldier shortly after Syrian troops entered the northern town

Trump's retreat in Syria, though felt inevitable by some, turns quickly into a mess

Subsequent events and the president's response to them only underscore his lack of genuine engagement with the intricacies of Middle East policy.
Tyler Cowen
October 14

The successes and excesses of political correctness

One lesson is clear: If you are dealing in the world of ideas, play the long game.
October 14
President Donald Trump arrived to speak at a campaign rally on Oct. 10 at Target Center in Minneapolis.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey: Why I asked Trump's campaign for reimbursement

Meanwhile, Congress could end disputes like this with a single campaign reform.
Neel Kashkari and Alan Page
October 13
Just 37% of low-income students are proficient in math and reading.

Educational disparities still plague Minnesota students

Report from Minneapolis Fed points to a need for more changes to education, such as teaching earlier and developing good teachers.
Michael Nesset
October 13
The night sky peppered with thousands of stars over farmland.

Worlds of my grandparents held charms that seem sadly lost from view

The worlds of my grandparents held heroic charms that now seem sadly lost from view.
October 12

Protect migrant children in U.S. camps

Flu shots are needed to save lives in detention centers.
Stephen B. Young
October 12
President Trump addressed his supporters Thursday night in Minneapolis.

President's discretion in foreign affairs is broad

Impeachment is not a tool for disciplining a wayward chief executive.
Ruth Marcus Washington Post
October 12
President Donald Trump speaks in Minneapolis Thursday night.

Trump's offense is grave enough to merit impeachment proceedings

Can those who sought Clinton's ouster explain their position now?
Opinion Exchange
October 11

Driverless Teslas are turning up where they shouldn't be

It's the latest example of why federal regulations are needed.
Mark Osler
October 11
Minnesota lawmakers are expected to consider a proposal that leaves the pardon power with the governor but creates a panel to conduct hearings and mak

A new pardons process would nix drama, meet constitutional standard

While the process for seeking a pardon has all the drama of a stage show, it violates the state Constitution and causes stress for victims.
Megan Mcardle
October 11

Four theories help explain what's gone wrong in world politics

Something major has obviously changed.
Victor Davis Hanson
October 11
Could we cut through bureaucracy to create something like the Hoover Dam or interstate highways?

Could we create as our pioneering ancestors did?

Who were the giants before us?
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