Clean energy comes with dirty costs, the writer says.

'Green' energy relies on copper-nickel mining

The metals needed for electric cars, turbines and solar panels come from somewhere, and the process is not as clean as you think.

We are asking the wrong questions about domestic violence

December 11
Kjersten Schladetzky and her sons William, 11, and Nelson, 8, were shot and killed at home last week in south Minneapolis. Facebook photo.
Focus needs to shift from the victim to the abuser.

Counterpoint: Yes, we state legislators belong in the Mideast. Here's why we're there.

December 11
Minnesota legislators standing in front of the “Path to Peace” mosaic within an Israeli agricultural community near the Gaza border.
Our experiences here will help us to better serve our constituents.
Opinion Exchange
December 11

Federal student loan program is failing taxpayers, students

And Education Secretary DeVos has an idea that deserves consideration.
Jennifer Rubin
December 11
Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg spoke at the climate march during the COP25 U.N. Climate Conference 2019. Thunberg is the youngest-ever Time P

Three better choices than Greta Thunberg for Time's 'person of the year'

In terms of a unique, indispensable contribution, the Hong Kong protesters most deserved Time magazine's recognition.
Thomas L. Friedman
December 11
A copy of the articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump announced Tuesday by U.S. House Democrats.

Thomas L. Friedman: Impeach Trump and save America

When I hear Trump defenders scream, "Impeachment subverts the will of the people," I say: "Really? What do you think Trump was doing in Ukraine?"
Elizabeth N. Saunders
December 11
American soldiers with the 101st Airborne Division during a morning helicopter raid in the village of Alam Khel, Afghanistan, in 2011.

What we learned from the Afghanistan documents

There was no coherent policy. War costs were abstract. The wrong measure of success (fatalities) was used. State-building couldn't fix underlying social problems.
Michael W. McNabb
December 10
Coffey Hall on the Saint Paul campus of the University of Minnesota.

Crumbling academic infrastructure should be University of Minnesota regents' priority

The necessary money can come from administrative costs. Here's the documentation.
Jon Healey
December 10
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California, center, and Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., left, listened as Adam Schiff,

Impeachment: Shouldn't we be throwing the kitchen sink at Trump?

History says go big, but Democrats are showing restraint. That's OK. The outcome won't change, and there are other helpful things to do.
Eli Lake
December 10
Carter Page

FBI inspector general's report has bad news for Democrats, too

Not too long ago, abuse of the FISA process was something that concerned them.
Eric Zorn
December 10

As the number of abortions continues to fall, support for abortion rights is soaring

Get your data and polls here.
Tyler Cowen
December 10
Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker in 1983. Volcker died this week. He was 92.

Paul Volcker's complicated Latin American legacy

The late central banker is being remembered for his successful battle against inflation, but there's also this ripple effect.
James Comey
December 10
Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz testified on Capitol Hill in 2018. A long-awaited report by Horowitz, released Monday, criticize

James Comey: The truth is finally out. The FBI fulfilled its mission.

Those who smeared the bureau — in particular, Attorney General William Barr — are due for an accounting.
Hugh Hewitt
December 9
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson during a campaign visit in Washington, England, on Monday. Britain goes to the polls on Thursday.

The free world needs Boris Johnson

Everyone believer in economic growth and international security has a stake in the British election on Thursday.
Jackson Diehl
December 9
Matias Delacroix, Associated Press
An anti-government protester held out a Chilean flag during clashes with police in Valparaiso, Chile, in October. S

2019's mass protests are missing spectacular results of 2011 and 1989

But there was also relative restraint by those being protested, which offers a glimmer of hope.
Daniel Moss
December 9
Paul Volcker in 2014. As chairman of the Federal Reserve from 1979 to 1987, he shocked the U.S. economy out of a cycle of inflation and malaise. He di

Paul Volcker, 1927-2019: The first monetary rock star

His successful battle against inflation made his successors' policies possible. But the more recent ones have tended to emphasize the institution over the idol. He'd approve.
Adrienne A. Williams
December 9

Mental health: Why wait until there's trouble?

We need primary mental health providers — and a lifelong, universal approach to psychological care.
December 9
Attorney General William Barr, looking over President Donald Trump's shoulder during an event on Nov. 26.

Barr's warning not to criticize police is tone-deaf

AG fails to recognize efforts in many cities improve community relations.
Margaret Donahoe
December 9
A segment was lifted from a barge beneath pier 9 of the St. Croix Crossing when it was under construction in 2015 on the St. Croix River near Stillwat

Transportation in Minnesota: It's time for a new 10-year plan

Our infrastructure ages like our population, and a stand-alone solution is needed.
R.T. Rybak
December 9
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., responds to reporter James Rosen after he asked whether she hated President Donald Trump, following a news confe

R.T. Rybak: Today's politics require us to compartmentalize

Stand for your ideas, but also for your opponent's humanity. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi points the way.
Katherine Kersten
December 8
The New York Times '1619 Project' revisited

The New York Times '1619 Project' revisited

The newspaper's slavery-at-the-fore reframing of American history distorts this country's progress and the exceptional ideals that drive it.
December 7
George Zimmerman in 2016.

George Zimmerman's unwelcome comeback in Florida

He's suing Trayvon Martin's parents, prosecutors and witnesses.
Eddie Ryshavy
December 7

Thoughts for the living from one of the dying

Metaphorical lightning strikes everyone, but this bolt struck me. I'm not quite the hero about it, and don't ask me to be.
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