Attack on Bloomington Islamic center: If some can't feel at ease in worship, none should

Attack on Bloomington Islamic center: If some can't feel at ease in worship, none should

It is our responsibility as citizens to preserve and defend the nearly 400-year-old American way of religious liberty.

Steve Ballmer's effort to build consensus on facts

August 7
Steve Ballmer's effort to build consensus on facts
The man, you might know. The website he's built, you should get to know. Because, there, you'll find out things you ought to know.

Chip implants are here. Is that a good thing?

August 21
Chip implants are here. Is that a good thing?
Sure, if you'd like a world without passwords, keys, IDs and credit cards.
Pat Doyle and Gary Hill
August 21

Public information: As bodycam problems show, secrecy is a constant threat

Issues include, in one case, "cleverly" altering the digital record and, in general, resisting archives.
Garrett M. Graff
August 21

Would a leader really order the use of nuclear arms?

Everyone from Reagan to Khrushchev was shaken by the power they had once it became tangible to them.
Michael Creger
August 21

The presidency and our culture: Who is your bogeyman?

What we can learn from Obama's legacy of leadership in the face of deep opposition.
August 21
William Ndegwa 7, yelled "I can see it" as he watched a partial eclip...

The eclipse: What once frightened now fascinates

A good time to reflect on what makes life possible and worthwhile.
Anne Applebaum
August 21

Beware: Trump may use the alt-right to turn himself into the center

It makes no difference what this president (or any president) thinks privately about black or brown people. What matters how he uses racism in politics — and whether it works.
Robert Graboyes
August 21

Connectivity and the farthest-reaching party ever

This eclipse, unlike an earlier one, is truly in demand. This one's sort of like Woodstock, from sea to shining sea. Here's what changed.
D. J. Tice
August 21

Trump critics lose sight of crucial divide between violence and ideas

The line is this: Americans are free to think and "speak" as they will, to call and push for whatever "real change" they desire — however much some of their fellow citizens may decry or even abhor their views.
August 21

Minneapolis, St. Paul property tax hikes shine light on lagging state aid

Looks like this fall's Minneapolis and St. Paul campaigns won't be just about policing after all. Not with property tax increase proposals shooting like Roman candles from mayoral offices last week.
From an editorial
August 19

It's not OK to put legal limits on free speech

Talk of denying hate groups' rights is dangerous and un-American
David Banks
August 19
President Donald Trump walks into the Rose Garden to speak to boys and...

In a complicated, difficult world, unity is uneasy

Justice and tolerance really do involve many sides.
August 18

The American eclipse: From bright blessed day to dark sacred night

The complexity, weirdness and perfect predictability of an eclipse turns strangers into rejoicing comrades grateful for the sun's return.
David S. Milz
August 18
FILE - A Friday, Oct. 28, 2016 file photo of the Thufa hill in Reykjav...

An awful way to eliminate Down syndrome

Prenatal testing and abortion, as in Iceland and elsewhere, give a notion of inferior lives.
August 18
A woman works at the offices of Wizeline, a San Francisco-based startu...

U.S. workforce participation rises, and women are leading the way

And that turnaround among "prime-age" workers is being driven largely by women in lower-skilled jobs. One question is why.
John Rash
August 18

Proliferation threats vex White House, world

With U.S.-South Korean exercises, the focus will shift back to North Korean crisis.
Lisa Moore
August 18

A simple breeding ground of white supremacy

In the wake of Charlottesville, a minority resident sees anew that a small town, with its lack of diverse relationships, instills such a sense.
Cass R. Sunstein
August 18

Trump actually did something useful this week

His order taking on the regulatory 'blob' on permits is an excellent start at desperately needed reforms.
Kevin Burkart and Jason King
August 17

Met Council needs to change to meet today's demands; here's a proposal

Let's try a blend of what works well now with a model that draws upon local elected officials.
Bruce Hoppe, Charles Hathaway, Char Mason, Pat McGuire and Nancy McGuire
August 17

Development plan for St. Paul Ford site is deeply flawed

Crowding, congestion, noise, to name a few. And it's not just "some neighbors" who are opposed.
August 17

'America First' should yield to realism on trade

Trump administration runs risks as it weighs pressing China.
Noah Feldman
August 17
A counter demonstrator uses a lighted spray can against a white nation...

The (constitutional) rights and wrongs of Charlottesville

Ugly speech and protests are protected under the Constitution. Violence is definitely not -- and "fighting words" may not always be.
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