Proposed ban on flavored tobacco in Minneapolis is counterproductive

Proposed ban on flavored tobacco in Minneapolis is counterproductive

We need to strike a balance between protecting children and helping adults have safer alternatives to smoking.

The latest news favors integration in housing

July 2
A Harvard study has affirmed it (when done right). And the Supreme Court has kept it possible.

Millennials: Here are my demands

July 2
As I retire, I think I've earned the ride. But it needs a few upgrades.
Timothy Lavin
July 5

Space travel: Always pressing forward, always with risks

SpaceX will not be deterred by the recent failure of its rocket launch.
Kathryn Tunheim
July 5

Dwindling trust in institutions: The road back is one of expectations

Set them — realistically — and meet them. Repeat.
David Fellerath
July 4

I own guns. But I hate the NRA.

Perhaps the Charleston killings will be a turning point for this group that doesn’t represent all gun owners, especially me.
Clive Crook
July 4

China's political meritocracy has lessons for West

A book examines how leaders are chosen and asks: Is one person, one vote the best way?
Sherry Gray
July 4

China's success is in the U.S. interest

Time, resources and governance are key to the global giant’s ‘peaceful rise.’
Brian DeVore
July 4

The Minnesota prairie: To blitz it is to know it

A practice involving both volunteers and professionals is a biological scavenger hunt of sorts — and connects participants to both nature and human practices.
Doug Shidell
July 4

Some bicyclists: Are they really jerks? Or just fast riders?

The real issue is whether they’re in the right place for their pace.
July 4

Minnesota is at the intersection of history, sensitivity

With State Capitol renovation comes the opportunity to revisit the images on display.
John C. “Chuck” Chalberg
July 3

Freedom worth fighting for, we did declare

Lincoln, Jefferson, Coolidge — their names may not roll off the tongue as a trio, but they had something in common.
Mike Meyers
July 2

The TPP: It's not your party; cry if you want to

Opponents aren’t wrong, just improperly focused. Going global with intellectual-property laws is where the money (not yours) will be made.
Judith Harrington
July 2

As long as we're discussing flags, what about Minnesota's?

The debate over removing the Confederate battle flag from public displays provides an excellent opportunity to look at the Minnesota state flag. It depicts a white man as a hardworking individualist and an Indian riding a horse and holding a spear.
KathLeen R. Sevig
July 1

Counterpoint: Sustainability is not an evil plot

It's a lesson from the past — think: Dust Bowl — and a necessary purpose for the future.
Dennis Ross
July 1

Content of an Iran deal matters more than timing

We need to be clear on the consequences of cheating, and for that we need access to nuclear sites.
Francis Wilkinson
July 1

Liberal triumphs may pave way to abortion ban

Who's to say an ongoing expansion of rights won't find its way to fetuses?
Don Betzold
June 30

What the Minnesota Sex Offender Program was meant to be

The purpose was always supposed to be treatment, not imprisonment. Somehow we lost our way.
Barack Obama
June 30

Ex-Im Bank expiration: Tell Congress not to dull a competitive edge

Reauthorization of this cost-effective program has been bipartisan and consistent — until now.
Susan Miles
June 30

Time to rethink the practice of solitary confinement

The Supreme Court — specifically, Justice Kennedy — has provided the opening for us to have this conversation.
June 30

SCOTUS clears the way to rein in destructive gerrymandering

Thanks to ruling, voters and elected officials can adopt rules to curb voting-map hijinks.
Jennifer Rubin
June 30

Dear Chris Christie: Candor is not the same as a moral compass

Here are five things the long-shot presidential candidate should do instead.
Wade Yarbrough
June 30

Take care in your assumptions about Southerners

My pop flew the Confederate flag, once a year, when I was growing up in Richfield. That’s not the last thing you should know about him, or about the South.
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