Why did we just post the Twins' record on this date in 2009 (top) and 2010 (bottom)? Well, for a few reasons:

*Cautionary tale: Not to spook you, and not that you thought this already, but the race is hardly over. Minnesota was two games further back than Chicago is this season -- and playing much worse.

*Pleasant memories: Just how amazing was that run to the 2009 division title? The Twins had no business stealing it based on anything that had happened so far. But they did.

*2010 power: You'll note the Twins, to this point, have a winning percentage almost 100 points higher than a season ago. That means for all the scuffles in the first half, this year's version of the Twins is still winning 1 more game out of every 10 than last year's team, which went on to win the division. Translation: this year's Twins are very good.

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