AP photo of Octomom with peanut butter

AP photo of Octomom with peanut butter


Um. Hmm. People are peculiar.

Clips4Sale.com (the same site that offered LiLo $50,000 to pop some balloons) just sent Nadya Suleman a letter -- obtained by TMZ -- offering her $20,000 ... and all she has to do is wash her hair on camera and put up with a little tickle torture.

The question is whether there’s a large audience out there for clips like “Women with immense debt surprised by Mr. Busy Digits with Shampoo Action!!” or whether they’re just throwing together all possible combinations of human activity in the hopes it prods a previously unknown jolly-node in someone’s libido. Probably not. If you’re going to make back your $50K investment on Lohan bursting bubbles, you have research that says there’s a large, well-heeled demographic of enthusiasts interested in balloon snuff-films.

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