Irina Shayk is on the Sports Illustrated cover, and People interviews the suit designer:


Model Irina Shayk may have wept when David Letterman unveiled her Sports Illustrated cover yesterday, but she wasn’t the only one surprised: Simon Southwood, co-owner and designer of Sauvage swimwear, was also shocked to learn one of his bikinis was front and center on the bestselling issue. “I couldn’t sleep because of this!” he exclaimed. “It was just thrilling. It’s the ultimate, really, to get your suit on the cover.”

No doubt. But here’s the headline for the story: Sports Illustrator Swimsuit Cover Bikini Designer Dishes!” There’s that word again. Dishes. Used to be confined to some Joan-Rivers-style catty-talk, spilling inside secrets that portrayed others in an unflattering light. Now it just means “speaks.” It’s up there with “baby bump” as an example of the lazy writing infecting these mags, and -


No one’s reading this. Everyone’s looking at Irina over to the right. No one even started reading this. She has that effect.


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