With the beautiful weekend predicted by our weather men, it's a sure thing there will be many taking advantage of it. While some head for the woods for the deer season, others will enjoy some of the best fishing of the year!

There were too many smile at the fish cleaning house tonight to not stop in and see what's going on and maybe find few tips on what's working today.

It turns out that many presentations were working for the guys with limits or near limits of fish. Using 3 ways seemed to be the best or maybe most often used set up. This was followed by vertical jigging plastics. Paddle Tail's were the clear winner in this catagory. The folks that were using a plain jig and minnow seemed to struggle the most.

When I use the Marcum camera, (video above) one thing became very clear. The fish in most areas hug the bottom. The angler that raised the lure a foot off the bottom is going to be 6 to 8 inches out of the strike zone. The tried and true method for plastic is to find the bottom, lift your rod tip 2 to 4 inches, hold as steady as possible...then count to 20. Then repeat. It's the steady hold and the river current working the lure that gets the strikes most every time.

With the river water temps rising slightly, the flathead cats were out roaming for an extra meal before the long winter. There were a number of lucky anglers that hooked into flats from 5 to a reported 40 pounds today.

It's going to be a great weekend to be out on the water!


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