pitinoThe Gophers announced Monday that Kevin Dorsey, a central figure in this season’s social media scandal, was going to transfer. In a statement announcing the move, Gophers coach Richard Pitino said this:

“After discussion with Kevin and his family, we all feel that is best for him to transfer and get closer to home. We wish Kevin nothing but the best moving forward and will assist him in the process in any way that we can.”

The bold type on “nothing but the best” is supplied by me because, upon reviewing some of the other amicable partings between the Gophers and players that have taken place with great frequency in the past few seasons, I noticed that the phrase is the go-to one chosen by Pitino and anyone else who might be helping him craft his statements.

If we go back to February of 2014, when Wally Ellenson quit the basketball team to focus on track and field (before eventually transferring to Marquette), Pitino said this according to a Star Tribune story:

“I think the timing, more than anything, was a little surprising. But he wasn’t playing a lot. I know that was frustrating for him, and that’s always frustrating for anybody. I think he felt like he could really help the track them. So he made the decision. … We wish him nothing but the best in anything that he decides to do in the future.”

Moving ahead to late October of 2014, when guard Zach Lofton was dismissed from the team just before the start of the season, we got this statement from Pitino:

“While decisions like this are always difficult, we felt it was in the interest of our program to move forward at this time. We wish Zach nothing but the best in the future.”

That phrase would come in handy barely a month later when Josh Martin, a freshman, decided to transfer during the non-conference season. The statement from Pitino:

“While we are disappointed in Josh’s decision to transfer, we wish him nothing but the best in the future.”

Now, this is a pretty standard thing for a coach to say when a player leaves, so I don’t want to make this seem like I’m ripping Pitino. It’s just something I noticed as a trend.

Hopefully for the Gophers’ sake they won’t have to dust it off again for a while. I wish them nothing but the best in that pursuit.

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